Last week, we took my 6-year-old daughter to Disney. She went on a rollercoaster for the first time. If I showed you the picture of her from the ride, you would see that she squeezed all of the blood out of both my wife and I’s arms because she was afraid.

She went on the rollercoaster, and she was terrified before we got on the rollercoaster. We’ve been trying to get her on a rollercoaster probably for six months now. She finally did it and it had me thinking.

She had been terrified of getting on and was almost crying before we got on the ride. Even in the middle of the ride, she was a little unsure of it, but then, after it was over, she was like, all right, let’s do it again.  

She was terrified in the beginning and then once, she did it, she realized how much fun it was. She realized that it was actually a pretty enjoyable experience and that she liked it, and then, she wanted to go ride again.

Don’t Let Fear Hold You Back

I see this happen with lawyers over and over again. I’ve talked to lawyers that are afraid to start creating content and start doing anything that’s going to put themselves out there for their marketing.

What I see is that once lawyers actually get the phone out and record a video, post it on Facebook, then record another one, and start sharing, they actually start getting some pretty good feedback.

What happens is they realize, “Oh wow, this is pretty cool. This isn’t nearly as scary as I thought it was going to be. This isn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be.” Then, they continue to create and share content.

That’s exactly how I was the first time that I was doing video content. I looked a lot like my daughter, terrified, sitting between my wife and me, because it’s scary. You don’t know what you’re doing, and you don’t know what people are going to think about you.

Unfortunately, people can be trolls and it’s not a fun thing. So, a lot of times I talk to lawyers who want to get more clients,  expand their law firm, and get their dream clients. They want to stop getting tire kickers and stop competing over price. Instead, they want to start creating video content, putting value out there, and helping people solve small problems.

What’s The Best Way To Start Creating Video Content?

A lot of times lawyers are just afraid to start creating content and get over that fear. You’ve got to get on the rollercoaster, and once you get on there, you’re going to realize it’s not that bad, scary, difficult, or hard.

It’s a little bit of a different type of video than what I normally do. It’s more instructional in any way. If you want to get more clients, then what you need to do is stop being afraid and stop doing what everyone else is doing. You’ve got to put yourself out there, start providing value and content.

Just look at what I do. Everything I do is all about providing value. It’s just providing free content out there, and people are contacting me all the time to help them with marketing for their law firms.

I don’t typically have a call to action out there. I don’t say, “Hey, if you’re interested in marketing your law firm, give me a call.”

All I do is provide value and people contact me. So, if you need some inspiration, just know that if my 6-year-old can tackle her fears, then you can absolutely tackle yours.