Many law firms that contact us for our law firm marketing services depend on our skills to increase the number of inbound calls they receive. In the end, what our customers really care about is increasing the number of new clients they receive as a result of our marketing. While increasing the number of calls may be a short term solution, ensuring new callers receive the best customer service available will provide more benefits in the long run. 

Many employees prefer the use of scripts when taking calls. However, since every situation will be different, a script that “fits all” is impossible to create. Instead of creating the “perfect” script for handling any type of call it is more important to apply good customer service techniques and principles that can be applied to every call regardless of the situation or person calling. 

Here we have included some valuable principles that should be applied whenever your firm’s receptionist or any other staff member receives a call:

Treating Every Call as if it Were Your Most Valuable Client

Every principle we discuss here should revolve around this key principle. By ensuring all our customers whether new or old are treated with the utmost respect and attention they deserve, you can increase the chances of converting them to loyal clients. 

Ensure Every Phone Call is Answered Before The 3rd Ring

Based on our extensive knowledge and experience in marketing, most people will not wait longer than 5 rings before disconnecting the call. We recommend you answer every call prior to the 3rd ring to avoid losing potential customers.

Make a Good Impression

When a potential customer calls your law firm, the first impression is made by your receptionist. Your receptionist should have a professional, inviting, yet friendly tone of voice at all times.

Avoid Making the Customer Repeat the Same Information 

Before transferring a call, your receptionist should ask for any relevant information. This information should be provided to the attorney handling the call. This will make it a more enjoyable experience for the caller.

Create a Connection

In most cases, the person calling will be dealing with some sort of problem-wether it is an emotional, physical or financial problem. Your receptionist should be able to successfully and naturally demonstrate that she cares and understands the situation when speaking with a customer.

Prioritize Important Calls

Your receptionist should be able to tell a “VIP call” apart from a normal call and redirect the call or escalate the call to the corresponding attorney as soon as possible. 

Contact Information Should Always be Saved

Before the receptionist transfers a call, it is highly important she obtains the customer’s contact information in case the call is disconnected or the customer hangs up while being transferred. 

Avoid Cold transfers

It is the receptionist’s job to ensure the appropriate department or attorney is fully informed about the customer’s situation prior to transferring the call. Before doing so, the receptionist should inform the client that they are being transferred as well.

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