No doubt about it: WordPress is making it easier to create and manage a site. Nevertheless, you should be aware of the issues with self-hosting and self-managing WordPress sites. Despite the hype, hosting and managing a WordPress blog is not as easy as breathing, and in the long run, it’s not really free, either.

There’s a lot to learn when it comes to web hosting, and for a newcomer it can be quite baffling. If you’re already an expert in domains, databases, servers, DNS, web security, and bandwidth, you may have the background to host your own site, but there’s more to it than the basics. If you choose to host and manage your own WordPress site, do some research in advance so that you’ll know exactly what is required.

You’re already busy operating your business and building the relationships that flow from your social media marketing. Do you really have the time to cover all the backend needs and stay abreast of the WordPress core updates, theme and plugin updates, and backups? Most site owners don’t have time for managing the technical backend of a WordPress site.

Even if you’re part of large business or law firm with a strong IT team, WordPress may not be where you want your IT personnel focused. A savvy social media marketing firm can create and manage not only your blog but all of your internet marketing efforts. This lets you focus on your business and your customers.

Another negative: The only “free” part of self-hosting with WordPress is the WordPress app itself. Everything else will cost you not only money, but your time too. Successful websites are never free. You need a domain name, an attractive theme, and some premium plug-ins. No matter which option you choose, the meter is always running.

So unless you are simply an internet genius with 36 hours in your day, in most cases self-hosting and self-managing are not for you. Some real risks are involved in self-hosting and self-managing a WordPress site; virus attacks, downtime, and server issues are just the beginning. Let a group of social media marketing pros create your website, your blog, your content, and your overall campaign. Take the burden off your own shoulders. You’ll be glad you did.