What Is A Live Chat Box?

We provide all of our clients with a live chat box that’s staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week by a real person. The script that the operators use is based on questions that we ask our clients, like what kind of practice areas do you want? Where do you take cases? Different things like that.

How Does A Live Chat Box Help You Get Leads?

There’s another cool thing about this chat box that a lot of chat services don’t offer. We can put a lead through to our client’s office in real time. This is awesome, and it increases the conversion rates, because a lot of times somebody may not want to pick up the phone.

They’ll be on the website, and they’ll have questions. But, they won’t necessarily take the time to pick up the phone, dial the number, and sit there. When they’re chatting with an operator, which a lot of people will do, the operator can say, would you like me to put you through to the office in real time?

And the person says yes. All they have to do is provide their phone number, and then our client’s phone rings and there’s a robot voice. It says you’re getting a lead from your website and it’s called a whisper.

After that, there’s a two-second pause, and then the system dials the lead’s number. Then, the lead’s phone rings just as if our client had called them.

A Live Chat Box Is Completely Free To Our Clients

Of course, the whole thing is automated. Now, I’m not just bragging about how great our client service is. We offer this service to any lawyer who wants it completely free.

I thought that I had made a video about this before, but apparently, I hadn’t, because I noticed that not a lot of people signed up for the chat box. I wasn’t sure why because it’s completely free.

There are a lot of companies out there that will charge a $200 setup fee and then $35 per lead. But, we don’t do that. What we do is we charge no setup fee and then if there’s a lead, then you just pay $10 per lead. Now, if there’s no lead, for example, if you go a month or two months or five months without any leads on your website, then you don’t owe any money.

You Only Pay For “Good” Leads

You only get billed for what you use. Now you may be wondering what constitutes a lead? Well, when you sign up for the chat box, you’re going to answer a bunch of questions. What type of cases do you want? What geographical locations do you want these cases in?

If you’re a divorce lawyer in Boston, you’re only going to get leads that are in the practice areas that you specify. So, if you get a car accident in Austin, our operators are pretty good, and that wouldn’t get through anyway.

But if it did for some reason, if you get something that’s irrelevant to you, you’re not going to get charged. The other thing is that you get charged for leads only if we get either a telephone number or an email address from the actual lead. If you have no way to contact them, then it’s not an actual lead.

How To Request A Free Live Chat Box

If you’re interested in this tool that helps increase your conversions, all you have to do is go to chat.socialfirestarter.com. Complete the form, and we’ll reach out to you to get it set up on your website. Again, it’s free.

The only thing you’ll ever pay for is $10 per lead. And that’s for strong leads only. A valid lead is a lead that is in your geographical area, in your practice area, and we get either the email address or the phone number.

Get Real-Time Calls To Your Office

We can even put calls through to your office in real time during your office hours. If you only want to take calls 9 to 5, that’s fine. We can instruct the operators not to put leads through after 5:00 PM. There’s no additional charge for that.

We do this just because it increases conversion rates. We don’t make a lot of money on this. It’s just a white label product that we offer to our clients. It increases conversions, and I’m always about offering value to other lawyers. If you’re interested, sign up at chat.socialfirestarter.com