ESPN and is the heavyweight champion of the world of sports media. In 2014, averaged 16.6 million daily unique visitors, a 14 percent increase over the 2013 figure, and is only one of the corporation’s multiple websites – not to mention, of course, its television and radio empires. Patrick Stiegman, vice president and editor-in-chief of, recently offered some insights regarding ESPN’s success, and if you are marketing on the internet, these are insights that are worth considering.

Stiegman’s first recommendation might be a little unsettling. He says to embrace chaos. Don’t be afraid to try new ideas, new approaches, and new media. For professionals and businesses, this could mean podcasting, video, multiple websites, live webcams, and more. Try some experiments, then focus on the ones that work and learn from the experiments that don’t. Stiegman’s second suggestion is to focus entirely on serving your audience. For online marketers, this means meeting the needs of your online visitors with engaging, practical, and informative content – without regard to how it’s packaged as a blog, podcast, or video. If you meet the needs of your visitors, everything else falls into place.

Finally, Stiegman says, be a “bowling reporter.” In other words, get every detail right. Stiegman has covered Super Bowls, but he started as a bowling reporter for a local Wisconsin newspaper. Be diligent. Get the basics right. And give your customers what they’re looking for. An internet marketing company with a team of experienced marketing professionals can help you do all of the above.

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