Is your internet marketing sending the wrong message? All of your online marketing investments and efforts could be in vain if you are making several common mistakes that send the wrong message. Thousands of online marketers are making these mistakes, but with just a few minutes and a bit of consideration, you can fix the problems and be assured that you are sending the message you want to send – and not some other message. Here, a look at several of the messages marketers innocently and unintentionally send:

  • “We’re cheap.” A poorly-designed website tells consumers the one thing you don’t want to tell them. You’re cheap. Avoid the free website offers, and if you are not a website designer, don’t try it yourself. Contact an internet marketing company and have it done right.
  • “We have an agenda.” If you’re marketing one thing but promoting another, visitors will soon realize it. If you are constantly promoting something other than your own products or services, you may be pushing away potential clients and customers. It’s fine to be opinionated – it humanizes you – but if you want to boost your bottom line, try to keep your primary focus on your products or services.
  • “We don’t care about you.” This is probably the most frequently-sent unintentional message. Attorneys who seem to write only for other attorneys and financial advisors who seem to write only to impress their colleagues are all over the internet. You must remember that you are marketing to consumers and for consumers. Get rid of all the professional jargon and the “inside baseball” language.

Marketing isn’t easy, but professional help is available. A good internet marketing agency can create your online marketing campaign from scratch, or they can look at your current marketing and suggest improvements. Especially, a good internet marketing firm can help you avoid sending the wrong message. Almost everyone needs some help with marketing. Make the call promptly to an experienced, professional internet marketing company, get the help you need, and help your customers get the right message.