Here’s a Question I Was Asked:

I’m thinking of using YouTube ads to market my law firm. What do you think about YouTube ads? Are they effective for lawyers?

My Answer:

I love YouTube ads. I actually don’t do enough YouTube ads for myself and I really need to. The cool thing about YouTube ads is that they have those pre-roll videos. I can’t remember what their exact name is, but they’re the ones where you can skip the ad after five seconds.

What’s Great About Youtube Ads

What’s cool is that you don’t get billed if people are skipping your ads. So if you want to do it just for branding, just get your name in the video in the first five seconds, and you’re basically getting free branded advertising.

Here’s How To Do It

Just say, Hey, I’m DUI Attorney Mike Jones and…  Or, Hey, I’m DUI Attorney Mike Smith. Or, If you’ve been arrested for DUI, you need to pay attention right now.

Why Video Ads Work

Video ads are not that expensive. In fact, I think video ads are pretty cheap. But they’re going to hear your name over and over again. And it works really well.

I think that YouTube ads are very underrated. I like them a lot. I actually need to put out some training on how to do YouTube ads, and I think that’ll be coming. Probably in the next four weeks, I’ll put out some training on YouTube advertising for lawyers.