The Question:

What is the best service for managing your email list?

What I Use And Recommend

Right now I’m using MailChimp, but it seems clunky. Honestly, it’s really a personal preference. I prefer the ActiveCampaign. I think ActiveCampaign is really easy to use. There’s also Aweber, which I’ve never used before. I’ve used MailChimp a little bit, but I’m really not very familiar with MailChimp.

For me, dollar for dollar, ActiveCampaign is the best service.

A Temporary Problem with Activecampaign

Now I say that, and I’m also very mad at ActiveCampaign right now because they’re having some issues with some of their automation.

…But It Won’t Be a Problem for Most Lawyers

A lot of my marketing is done through automation and the reality is that 99% of the lawyers out there will never use the amount of automation in their marketing that I use in my marketing.

If you’re just trying to manage your email list, then ActiveCampaign will probably do it for you. You probably won’t run into the same issues that I’m running into because of some of the automation stuff that they say they’re working on.

More Easy Options

MailChimp is an easy one. I really haven’t used it that often. I mean if you’re just trying to send down a random message here and there, you might even want to look at Constant Contact or Aweber. I think they’re all pretty good.

InfusionSoft is going to be way too complicated for most lawyers. You pretty much need a coder to make it work.

ActiveCampaign will probably do the job for you. ActiveCampaign and MailChimp are probably my two recommendations. Or check out Constant Contact. I hear Constant Contact is pretty good.

Why Constant Contact Might Be A Good Option

I know somebody who runs a business that sends out emails all the time and they’re not tech savvy whatsoever. And they use Constant Contact, so Constant Contact may be a very simple solution.

I’ve never used it myself. I’m just basing it on the fact that this person who knows nothing about computers whatsoever can do it. So it might be a good solution.