The Most Effective Marketing Strategies for Business Attorneys

The most effective marketing strategy for a business attorney is to join different business Facebook groups and provide value.

There are a lot of different Facebook groups. For example, there are a lot of local business groups. Of course, it depends on what type of business you’re talking about. If you’re talking about local businesses, there are a lot of, of local groups.

I’m in Lakeland, Florida, and I know there’s a Lakeland entrepreneurs group and groups for Lakeland startups and Lakeland restaurant owners and so on.

Join Facebook and Local Groups and Provide Value

I don’t know if you’re going statewide or if you’re going citywide, but what you can do is start joining these groups. And then, the first thing you do is to start to provide value. You can do that in the form of creating videos on different topics. Just tell stories about things that have either happened to you or your clients in the past or that you just heard from other attorneys about their clients.

You can say, here’s why all businesses need to protect their intellectual property. And you can tell a story about somebody who ended up losing their trademark because they didn’t protect it.

Angela’s Approach

There’s a girl named Angela [last name?] who does some really cool stuff with trademarks. She’ll walk around Sam’s Club. I actually met her last weekend at Funnel Hacking Live and we were talking about some of the videos that she does. And she told me about when she went to Sam’s Club and saw that they had this big blue egg. It was a grill, the big blue egg, which was similar to the big green egg.

So she basically created a video and talked about how the big green egg owned the trademark for the big blue egg also even though it’s in direct competition. So there’s a lot of cool stuff that you can talk about like that. So just go in the group and just start providing value and real-life examples of how you’ve helped people. Just share different pieces of information. It is the same stuff that I do.

I’m B2B. I know what lawyers want to hear about. They want different tips about how to market their law firm. And I just go in and provide those tips.

Facebook Searches

Now there’s another thing you can do, which is really cool. You can search in any of these Facebook groups for past comments. So you can search for the word contract or the word agreement or whatever it is, trademark or copyright, anything like that. And you can go in and you can go comment on past stuff as well.

The best thing is to just go into these business groups and to provide value.

What About Google?

What about ranking on the first page of Google for Lakeland or whatever business attorney? That’s not that difficult. But the problem is the search volume isn’t necessarily there. So using social media is probably the best way to do it.

A lot of old school stuff works for business as well, not just social media, but if I was going to use social media, that’s how I do it for business attorneys. It’s the easiest way and no one’s doing it. There’s no competition.

The luxury that you have is that most of your competition is lazy. So if you can take advantage of the fact that the competition is lazy and not be lazy yourself, then you’ll just scoop up all those clients. It’s really quite simple.