Can Lawyers Get Clients From Live Events and Trade Shows

The question:

What do you think about setting up a booth at a trade show or an event? How can I get clients from the table to my sales funnel?

My answer:

I think the trade shows and events are good. But a lot of law firms set up an event and have some sort of signage with them. They’ll have a big banner with basically just the name of the law firm.

The biggest mistake law firms make at tradeshows

It just says, “Mike Smith, Law Firm,” and it doesn’t really say what the firm actually does. And it’s not just lawyers. Businesses do this all the time. They basically just display their branding.

There are things that work a lot better than that for getting attention at an event. That’s because nobody really cares about your branding. Your branding is not going to help you that much.

What to do instead

Instead, you can put in really big, bold letters what you help people do. I don’t know the type of law firm you have. But if you’re an estate planning attorney, you could say, “I help families have peace of mind if the worst should happen.”

Or if you’re a bankruptcy attorney, you can say, “Eliminate your debt and get peace of mind, and buy a house within seven years. I can help you do that.”

These aren’t really great examples but they’re something that people are actually going to look at and they’re going to think, “Oh wow! That’s something that I definitely want. I can see the benefit.”

What I would do at events

If I was to go to a law firm marketing event with a table, I wouldn’t put Social Firestarter on my signs, which is the name of my agency. I wouldn’t put that really big in the background. Instead I would do the same thing I always do.

I’d use my standard line, which is, “I can help you get more law firm clients,” or, “I can help your law firm get more clients without wasting any more time, money, or energy, and without getting screwed by a marketing company.”

What you should do to get better results

If you go to a live event, a trade show, or something like that, make sure that your signage just talks about the benefit to the actual consumer, the actual potential client. Do that rather than advertising yourself, your branding, or your firm.

That’s going to get you a lot more people to start conversations with you. And it’s probably going to get you a lot more clients as well.