This is a question that comes up often. Attorneys sometimes hesitate to publish their website under their Google My Business account. They question if it will somehow hurt their rankings with Google. You should absolutely publish your website in your Google My Business account. We have tied all of our client’s websites to Google My Business accounts and in many search results. A lot of search results are different, but most search results and every website that we have we use their website as the main website on their Google My Business profile.

If you do not have a website, your option is to just not have a website listing at all. You can do this. It can just be a listing. People can just search for you and add your phone number. It is uncommon for a business not to have a website these days, but it is a possibility. Or, you could just use the Google site website. I do not recommend either of these two options. We just use Google because a lot of times it pulls in organic ranking and Maps rankings and these rankings are tied very closely together. So we optimize the entire website and we find that we have a well-optimized website, we do better with rankings, and we rank better on Google Maps.

So, yes. Definitely, list your website as your website on your Google Profile.