Recently I was asked this question, “Is it okay to post on your Facebook Group Page from your personal page, if it has your name and business title.” I am not sure what question they are asking, so let’s drill it down.
Putting your business title on your Facebook Page
It is not necessarily a bad thing to put your title on your page. I mean, if you list yourself “Bob Jones, Personal Injury Attorney” But, I always caution people against being too sales-y. It is really not a big deal.

If you are worried about people thinking you are trying to sell them too much, drum up business, or trolling Facebook, it could put some strain on your friends. It is easy enough to remove the “Personal Injury Attorney”.

If you want to leave the words on, and you are hoping that you are going to increase your ranking from adding keywords to your group, that is not going to get anything from that.

If this is not the question you are asking, reach out again because it is a bit confusing. I hope I answered your question.