Geofencing is a way of putting up a virtual perimeter for a real-world geographic area. I run a lot of ads on Facebook. Geofencing draws a circle around the area I want to target. Every time a potential client steps inside that circle, my ad is going to show up for him. So if I am working with a personal injury lawyer, I will drop a pin on a hospital. If I am working with a criminal defense attorney, I will drop a pin on the jail. These are tried and true locations and yes they work. But, push yourself a bit and get creative.

Maybe you are a small business attorney. Target contractors by dropping a pin on Home Depot or Lowes. Then you can enter the address and add “people who have been in this location in the past 7 days.” It will target them because it tracks their cell phones. It is a great way to grab some extra data. Of course, with some selective messaging, it works well. The bottom line is geofencing works well. There are some better programs, but this will get your business fast and easy.