It is important to understand what Google can and cannot see when it comes to the websites of law offices. Google can see reciprocal linking.

Reciprocal Linking

Reciprocal linking is when the webmasters of two different sites agree to post a link to each other’s site on their page. (I will post your link on my page if you post your link on mine.) Reciprocal linking is not only obvious to Google, but it also does very little to boost the numbers for either website. If adding their link to your site adds no value for your reader, it is just taking up space.

To do this in a way that leaves no footprints there is another way. Instead of saying “If you link to our site, we will link to yours” they will say, “If you link to our site, another lawyer will link to yours.” Of course, you lose all control over which links you get or their quality.  While this keeps the trial clear, taking this action too often can grab Google’s attention.

  • Unless you have time to go through their site, do not agree to allow them to link to your site. Do not agree to let just anyone link to you. That is like giving your seal of approval. Protect your name and your brand.

Keep Your Focus On The Goal

The goal is to build your website. The overall plan is to have a website that is rich with SEO content that ranks highly with Google. Think about this for a moment. This is not a goal where you reach the finish line, ring the bell, take your ribbon and go home. Google is continually looking for sites to inform their readers. Google wants to be the best search engine every minute of every day. If you reach a key position today, congratulations. If someone bumps you out of that first-page position tonight, that is just your tough luck. You need followers, subscribers, and visitors. You want action. Your website should be alive with communication and e-commerce. You cannot get there swapping your link for another link just like it.

Every now and then you may run into a marketing company that assures you that they can beat Google’s algorithm. Do not believe them. Even if they slip by, it will be a short term victory and the backlash could be very harsh.

Is There Ever A Time To Use This?

This topic is based on very basic SEO procedures. There are times when some basic work is the perfect fit. But, you have to up your game. If you can heavily control what’s happening with your site and if you can strictly monitor everything, this can be worked into your program.

There is no single tool that you can point to as the answer to all marketing situations for all attorneys in all areas. It is important to custom build the marketing program that fits your area, clients, and ambitions. Your website is often the first opinion a client forms of you. It is important to make it count.