This is a good question. There are times when you want to leave a friend or family member a review. Someone like Steve Hernandez, a DUI lawyer may not get as many reviews as another type of attorney. Not many people want to get online and say, Steve Hernandez sure helped me when I got caught by a DUI stop last month. That is just not the kind of thing people want to post. But, I would have no trouble posting, “If I was in New Jersey, I would call Steve Hernandez if I got a DUI. He knows the law. He is knowledgeable, and he cares about his clients.” None of those things are not true. It would be the same with a criminal defense attorney. Google would not look kindly on people posting a fake review, but there are real ways to recommend an attorney without saying he represented you. You can leave character reviews. “I have known Bob Smith for 10-years. He is honest, and an asset to his community. I have recommended him to several friends Atlanta and they have all been happy with his service.”

It is a good idea to get character reviews until you can get client reviews. It is not important that they come from members of your friends and families. Some attorneys trade reviews with other attorneys until they get their practice rolling. Just remember to keep it honest and you will be okay.

Your Clients

When your clients begin coming in, it is even more important to get them to leave you a review. Even if it is just a first name and no details. Offer them a gift card to Starbucks or something and pull up the site so they can do it in your office. It is a small incentive for a much-needed review. The number of reviews you have matters a lot. Some people do not even read the reviews, they just glance at the numbers, so a nice cup of coffee is a small price to pay.