Around 2017 Google had the Panda algorithm in use. Not long ago the Panda algorithm became part of the core ranking algorithm they use today. Google considers many factors to determine the quality of your website. Yes, the amount of traffic is one of those things, but it is not the only thing. For example, they will look at your traffic, your user engagement, the connection between your traffic and your Google search results. Your click-throughs and much more. Getting heavy traffic with nothing else of substance is not going to improve your ranking. It may play a small role but nothing substantial.

Your level of engagement

Another important factor to consider when you are working on your ranking by increasing traffic in an unconventional way is your engagement rates. If 80% or 90% of the people who hit your site immediately hit the back arrow (this is your bounce-back rate) this gives Google the idea that something is not right. If they only stay on the site 3-5 seconds, this is poor user engagement. If they stay and click on several pages this is a very good engagement rate. These are the kinds of things that get Google’s attention and boost your rating.

What really matters?

We all want great rankings. Consider all the millions of websites out there. Think of all the people in the law field that are just like you. They want top rankings too. It can get frustrating following Google’s rules and we all know, it can get expensive. But, there are ways to accomplish what you want and not go broke. Having tons of traffic is not as important as having a site that makes visitors want to hang around a while. Give them interesting content. Answer questions that people ask the most. Take advantage of your time to connect with video messages. Give them something of value. Get creative. You will invest a little time now, and you will be rewarded greatly for years to come.

Doing good work

Of course, you are working toward better rankings every day. Every time someone comes to your website and gets the information they need, you are giving them a reason to give them to stay. They enjoy the site. They may share what they see. Maybe they go to various places on the site. Perhaps they comment on your blog, leave you a message. When your guests engage and rate your site Google takes notice. These are the building blocks that give you honest and true rankings. These are hard-earned rankings that you can be proud of.