A website has to be updated frequently, and the truth is that thousands of websites need more than just an update – they need a complete overhaul. If you haven’t renovated your site for two or three years – or longer – it’s time to update with the help of an experienced internet marketing company. If you’re an attorney, a real estate agent, or a professional in any other field, you already know that when consumers seek your professional services, they go online to find you. Thus, your website must “feel” welcoming and inviting, be up-to-date, and provide practical, engaging content. Here are several reasons why your website – and all of your online marketing – may need a complete overhaul:

  • Three or four paragraphs about how you are “extremely skilled” or “exceptionally knowledgeable” is too much. Don’t oversell. Instead, demonstrate your skills and share your knowledge, or as the writing teachers say, “Show, don’t tell.”
  • Thousands of blogs haven’t been updated in two or three years; the truth is that a blog should be updated two or three times a week. If your last blog post is dated 2012 or 2013, a visitor might get the idea that after you’ve started something, you don’t follow through. Make your blog work for you. An internet marketing company can help.
  • A website needs to be built and organized logically, and navigating it must be easy. Today, every website must also be fast-loading and mobile-friendly.

Consumers expect you to be easy to find online, so make it easy to find you. You must have an exclusive website, but you also must be on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Plus.

Let a good internet marketing company bring your website up-to-date and coordinate your online marketing across the internet. Online marketing help is here. There’s no reason to wait. Make the call and get started today.