Today, I’m going to address the following question: “What are some of the email marketing strategies for growing my list and giving them valuable content? How frequently should I send emails?”

Here’s the interesting thing about emails and email marketing. I email my list every single day and I have a significantly lower unsubscribe rate than the industry average. I also have a higher open rate and a higher click rate, meaning people are clicking things in my emails. All my rates blow away industry averages.

Why People Don’t Mind My Daily Emails

The reason why they don’t mind them is because none of the emails I send are sales pitches. All each email does is offer help: “Hey, do you have this problem? Okay, here’s the solution. Watch this video.” Then you click the link inside, and it’s a video that provides a lot of value.

The reason that people don’t get mad at me for emailing them every single day is because I provide value with everything I do. I think that’s the best strategy. You just create. You think about what are the problems that the people in your exact market have and just provide solutions and answers to the small problems that they have.

The Key Is Solving Problems

You could literally come up with a million different video topics. Here is what I do every day. And I’ve got it all automated at this point. I create a new video and then I write a short email saying, “Hey, do you have this problem? Well, here’s how we handle that.”

“Here’s a video about how we doubled a client’s intake in two months,” or “Here’s a video about how Avvo is screwing attorneys and they don’t even realize it.” You just basically offer value that’s relevant to them. As long as you’re not just selling, selling, selling. If you just try to sell people, they’re going to get pissed. People know that you’re an attorney, they know they can hire you.

Why I Email Daily

What’s interesting is that I only get 20-30% of my emails opened, which is a pretty good rate, believe it or not. I can see who’s opening and who’s not opening and it’s a different 20-30% every time. The reason that I email every single day is because if you only open one in three emails and I email you once a day, that means every three to four days, you’re having another touch with my brand.

Whereas, if I email once a week, then every three or four weeks you would be getting a touch with my brand. Where we are with the internet now, you’ve got to have 30 touch points or more before somebody will even consider doing business with you.

Here’s How My System Works

I’d rather just make those thirty touch points go much faster while providing value and not selling anything. Eventually, people buy from me because that’s just what happens. The secret is to provide value.

I send a short email that talks about a problem they have, points them to the solution, and provides the link to a YouTube video. It works really well.

The interesting thing is that when people contact me, and people contact me every day to do marketing for their law firm, it’s very rarely after the first email. I can see when people contact me and which message they reply to. It’s the 30th or 40th email.

If you join my email list today, I’ve got enough emails in there to email you for an entire year. There are people that reached out to me after the 120th email. It’s just about providing constant value and eventually, it works.

I always look at it as people sitting on a fence and you’re just throwing rocks at them to try to knock them off the fence. Eventually they’ll fall off. You know what rock it is? Each email is a rock that will knock them off the fence. And then they’ll contact you and will eventually want to hire you. That’s what I recommend.