The Self-Liquidating Offer

In short, a self-liquidating offer is designed to get the attention of potential clients using email opt-ins, purchase offers or other similar draws. It becomes self-liquidating at the point when the cost of advertising is offset completely. One way to accomplish this is by offering a free product to potential clients.

They pay the shipping costs and receive the product with a money back guarantee, creating a low-risk for the client and a great opportunity for them to rethink their marketing efforts. This is the type of offer most firms agree offers the best opportunities for attracting new clients.

Using Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are a great way to draw potential clients. The intricacies of targeting the right audience are already addressed in Facebook’s own algorithms. Your ads target a local audience and using a third party, such as Click Funnels, to manage the campaign, you can quickly and efficiently create a self-liquidating offer that will cover your Facebook ads and the third-party campaign management. Here’s how that works:

Determine what it is you want to offer potential clients.

Let’s say you’re an estate planning attorney and many of your clients have questioned the benefits and less-than-ideal scenarios of changing the estate tax exemption and what it might mean for their own estate planning efforts. Many questions you typically hear might focus around the confusion of having assets in more than one state or if the life insurance policy purchased years earlier to offset some of the taxes is still enough to serve its purpose.

Once you have it outlined, address all of those concerns, provide a few scenarios that a client might commonly find themselves facing and then provide your expertise on how to make the most of the new estate planning laws. You might want to discuss the possible pitfalls, and you’ll want to discuss how a quick review can help ensure their estate planning is current and will benefit their heirs when the time comes.

All of this information, whether it’s a video or audio recording, maybe a quick worksheet or other benefits, is placed on a USB or thumb drive that you offer for free.

The $10 Investment

The clients happily pay the $9.95 shipping offer because first, it’s going to answer their questions, second, it’s an affordable way to get to the heart of the matter before they contact you to make the changes and third, they know there’s a money back guarantee -and they get to keep the thumb drive.

You cover the costs of the thumb drive, your Click Funnels campaign (which you can successfully create for less than $100), as well as the costs of the Facebook ads. You’ve now created a powerful marketing opportunity for your firm and the best part? It hasn’t cost you a single penny.

Breaking Even and Building Trust

Remember, this is something that you’re not aiming to launch for a profit; you want to break even and build trust, which will then gets the phones ringing.