What’s the best Facebook ads strategy? Here is the way we do it and it works really well. It’s based on creating content. First, it has to have a really good hook.

A good hook (click bait)

A hook is almost like, I hate saying click bait, but that’s what it is. It’s click bait. “In this video I’m going to show you five ways the insurance companies screw car accident victims every single day.”

Or “I’m going to show you three tricks that the car insurance companies use to trick you into getting paid less or signing away all your rights for a car accident.” Something like that, something that’s going to provide value.

Another thing you could do is you could talk about fact that the amount of money that you get if you have an accident and work with a lawyer is significantly more than if you try to handle your case without a lawyer.

This means, that even after the attorney’s fees, you would get a significantly larger settlement or verdict. So, you could create a video or you create some sort of cheat sheet. And I’ve actually been using Facebook lead ads quite a bit and it’s been working really well.

We have this software called Lead AL [[[????]]] that we use. We tie it into a Facebook lead ad. And then, as soon as you get an opt-in, as soon as someone fills out the information, it pops up right on your cell phone.

The hook – story – offer video

But it all starts with the video. So what you do is you follow the hook, story, offer format. So you say, “Here are three strategies that the car insurance companies use to trick car accident victims every single day.” And then you say, “My name is John Smith. I’m a personal injury attorney in Houston and we recently had a client who had this happen to him.”

And then you go into an entire story where you talk about how he got into a car accident, he got rear-ended on the highway and his car was totaled. The car behind him, the person who hit him their car was totaled also. And within 20 minutes, the car insurance company had somebody out there asking John questions.

The party who hit him had somebody out there on the scene, asking him questions, trying to take a statement, asking him to sign things, taking pictures of his car. They were also taking pictures of him walking around, trying to prove that he wasn’t injured.

And you know, John’s not an attorney. He didn’t know what was going on. Then you say, luckily he contacted us and we were able to do x, y, and z. And we had this sort of result.

How to make the offer

Now, if you were in a car accident and even if the car insurance company hasn’t contacted you yet, you still need to talk to an attorney just to make sure that your rights are protected and that you’re not going to be tricked because you got to remember insurance companies do not make money by paying out claims. They make money by collecting deductibles and paying as few claims as possible.

So if you were in a car accident, what you can do right now is click the link included with this video, enter your information and I will contact you personally and give you a free strategy session.

Now, during this strategy session, what I’ll do for you is I’ll take a look at your insurance. I’ll take a look at the accident. I’ll ask you some questions, and I’ll tell you completely free what it is that you should do, and what your next steps should be. I’ll give you a custom strategy and if I can help you, I will absolutely help you for free.

And if I can’t help you, I will point you in the right direction and show you where to go. So just click the link included with this video and I’ll give you a call a couple of minutes afterward.

How you should do it

And what you’re doing there is you’re using that hook story offer. So the hook is the big headline. The story is a story about a client and it doesn’t have to be a real story. It can be a fake story. It can be a made-up story. It can be an embellished story, or it can be a story that happened to somebody else. It doesn’t matter what it is.

Why call it a strategy session?

And then the offer is going to be a free strategy session. Now I said a strategy session instead of a consultation, it is a consultation, but you’re going to call it a strategy session because strategy session does not feel like a Maury Povich commercial.

Everyone assumes that consultation is sales. And strategy session feels a lot more like you’re helping somebody. I always tell my clients, when you film videos, talk to the people in the videos like you would talk to your best friend. If your best friend got into a car accident or was going through a divorce or was arrested for DUI, you wouldn’t say, Bill called me on Friday for a free consultation.

Talk to him like you would talk to your best friend

You say, give me a call, and send me over your stuff. I’ll take a look and I’ll point you in the right direction. or I’ll see if I can help you. And that’s basically what it is. And pointing them in the right direction might be, you need to hire my firm.

You know, so that’s the strategy. And we do that and we get tons of leads using that type of strategy.

How to get the correct phone number

And here’s a hack to make sure that you actually get the right contact information from the lead ad. You can also say, enter your information. We’ll also send you a free guide or some sort of free cheat sheet. And you say, we’ll text it to you.

So that’s how you make sure you get the right phone number. You say, what number should we text this to? I don’t know why people would fill out a form and give the wrong information. But that happens sometimes. It doesn’t make any sense to me. The only thing I can think of is that it’s automatically populated from Facebook and that’s why that happens.