What I’m going to do is I’m going to look at two ads and discuss why they’re not getting great results. I want to show you what you should be doing instead and what you can do.

The first is a video. The text is “Stop scrolling. Our attorney Charles Grimes wants to tell you a secret. Well, seven secrets. Learn the seven secrets insurance companies don’t want you to know and find out how to maximize your recovery when dealing with the insurance adjuster.”

There’s a video with this gentleman talking right here in front of a painting, in front of what looks like a conference room. “Learn the seven secrets insurance companies don’t want you to know. Don’t let the insurance adjust it for you.” The other one, “Do you need to speak with a personal injury attorney? Before the insurance company harasses you, find out how to ensure you will be fairly compensated and taken care of. Speak with an attorney, blah blah blah.”

Here’s the problem with both of these. There’s no pattern interrupt. When I look at this one, “Stop scrolling. Our attorney Charles Grimes wants to tell you a secret. Well, seven secrets.” I guess maybe you’re invoking curiosity there, but there’s just nothing there that says, “Hey. Have you been in a car accident? You need to talk to a lawyer.” I’m assuming it’s car accidents, but it doesn’t say anything about car accidents.

What Do I Do In My Ads?

What you need to do is make it a lot more apparent about what you’re actually doing. Let me show you mine. This is an ad that I’m running and it works really well. I’m going to show you the elements that I have going in this ad and why it works so well.

You see the top here? “Hey Lawyers!?” I’m advertising to lawyers and this whole thing is trying to get people to download my cheat sheet, “The three secrets to getting more law clients from social media.” Everything in this ad is deliberate and it has a purpose, and I’m going to go over all that.

Pattern Interrupt

The first thing, right away, “Hey Lawyers.” It’s in a big, red box. Anyone that’s scrolling through their newsfeed is going to stop and see that. The other thing, look at the color of the video. You see how the color’s kind of contrasty? It’s got an interesting background. There’s some red back here and a light here. I’m a little saturated in the middle. That’s something that makes this pop out.

Right off the beginning, I’ve got a pattern interrupt. What a pattern interrupt is when somebody’s scrolling through their news feed and they’re scrolling, you’ve got to get their attention. The bottom line is that, especially on the phone and wherever you’re looking at this, you’ve got to have something that gets their attention.

When you look at this, this video right here is not going to get their attention. No offense. I’m sure Charles Grimes is a nice guy, but he looks like a stuffy attorney in a stuffy attorney’s office. There’s nothing about this… “Our attorney, Charles Grimes, wants to tell you a secret. Well, seven secrets.” Okay, that’s fine.

The headline, “Learn the seven secrets insurance companies don’t want you to know.” What insurance companies? Homeowners insurance companies? Are you talking about my car insurance companies? I don’t know what kind of insurance company. My health insurance? But, it’s not calling out a problem.

Using An Opportunity Switch

Look at my ad again. Look at the texture. “Most lawyers struggle to get leads using social media because they have a very old, but common method that almost everyone uses. What I’m trying to do here is what’s called an opportunity switch. What I talk about is here’s the old way. Most lawyers, they’re using an old method. What if I told you there’s a new way that allows you to get better leads at a better cost. “

I don’t know that you can do that with personal injury because personal injury’s a little more tricky, but there’s different things you can do. What you could do is something that says, “Injured in a car accident?” or even just “Car accident?” This gets their attention and before you do anything, you’ve got to get their attention.

An ad that I run that is pretty interesting is an ad that says, “Most people don’t realize that…” Or I’ll say something like, “Did you know that a recent study found that when you have an injury attorney help you with your car accident claim, you get a settlement that’s 2.5 times larger than if you didn’t have one?” And then I put in there a text, “Who’s been in a car accident?” or “Tag someone who’s been in a car accident.” or “Tag someone who needs an attorney” or something that’s a little more enticing.

“Seven secrets the insurance companies don’t want you to know” is fine, but what I would do is say something like, “Did you know that after a car accident, the insurance adjuster will often try to call you as soon as possible to get a statement from you and will pretend to be your friend, but they’re really not. They’re trying to act quickly to save money. Learn this tip and six more sneaky ways the insurance companies will try to trick you following a car accident.” You want to keep their interest a little bit.

There’s got to be a pattern and it’s got to be interesting. You have to remember, when they go to Facebook, they’re looking at cat videos, pictures of their friends, their family, etc. They’re not here to see what attorney Charles Grimes has to tell. They don’t care, unless they know how it affects them.

If they’ve been in a car accident and there’s something that grabs their attention because of this car accident and then there’s a video there that is talking about something that’s related to a car accident, and it says, “Did you know that a car insurance company is going to trick you,” that’s something that will get their attention because it relates to them.

That’s kind of the whole problem with this ad. There’s no pattern interrupt. It’s not descriptive enough.

In the past, we’ve done things like, “Three ways the insurance company tries to blame all motorcycle accidents on the rider,” whether it was their fault or not. Something like that is much more descriptive, as well as more appealing, which is the biggest thing.

I think if you just make that change, you’re going to see a huge change in your performance in the ads. That’s the same thing here. The copy here is a little better because at least you’ve got some cool video. If you listen to the audio, it’s very generic. It’s just an ad. You don’t want an ad. You want something that is actually going to entice them with content.

I’m not sure if you bought my Facebook marketing guide, and I’m not trying to sell my guide here, but my guide talks all about content marketing, which works well.

There’s a saying, even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while. These types of ads just don’t work very well. Sometimes you’ll get lucky and find one, but we’ve had that happen before when we used to run these type of ads. When you do the content marketing, it works way better.

Using How To Without Statements

Let me talk about your landing page. You do Learn More, and it takes you to this landing page. I like that you’re going to a landing page. “Discover what you need to know when dealing with the insurance company.” Here’s another tip. I would do a “How To Without” statement for this entire thing. I do that quite frequently now.

If you look at my sheet here, it is “Three secrets to getting more law clients from social media.” If you can see this thumbnail right here, it’s the three secrets to getting more law clients from social media without getting screwed by a marketing company.

That’s following the How To format, it just doesn’t have “how” at the beginning. What that format is How To and then insert the thing that they want, and then Without, and then insert the thing that they fear.

This is the three secrets, but then the thing that they want is more law clients from social media. I know that because I know my clients. I know what a lot of clients are wanting and getting screwed by a marketing company is the thing that they fear.

I have another version of this that the without is without losing time and money. That’s another thing that lawyers don’t want. How do we apply this to personal injury? What you could do is you could do “How to get your medical bills covered following a motorcycle accident without getting ripped off  by the insurance company” or “How to make sure that you get all the money owed to you following a car accident without a big battle with the insurance company.”

You can play around with that format and make it work because it’s enticing. You’re showing them how to do the thing they want without the thing that they fear.

With a bankruptcy attorney, you can do “How to file bankruptcy without losing your house.” A Family law attorney could do “How to get divorced without alienating your kids.” If you’re targeting men, for example, you could do “How fathers can get divorced and get equal custody of their children.”

I say this to attorneys all the time. You need to stop thinking like an attorney and start thinking like a consumer. Put yourself in the shoes of the person who’s going to be looking for you and see if they can figure out what it is. Show this landing page to somebody that has no idea what it is, no idea what the purpose of this is, and ask them if they can figure out. What is the content? When I click yes, show me the secrets, when I do this, and I enter my email address, what am I going to do.

What is the topic here? Find out the secrets the insurance companies don’t want you to know. What insurance company? Car insurance? Is this how to get your premiums lower?

Make It Stupid Simple

It’s got to be stupid simple, that’s the whole thing. I have a client who, it’s a coaching client of mine. His videos were very complicated, and he even told me, “My sister watches some of my videos and didn’t have any idea what I was talking about.”

I said, “There’s a good indication right there, and I’m calling you out on this…Look. You need to record a set of videos. Don’t tell your sister at all what these videos are about. Send her the video and ask you to give you a summary of each video. If she can’t figure it out, then it’s too complicated.”

That’s the same thing you should do. You should send your ad, your landing page, etc. to someone who is just an average person, who doesn’t know what this is and see if they can figure it out because sometimes you get so blinded.

“Find out the secrets insurance companies don’t want you to know.” You know in your head that you’re talking about the car insurance company. You’re talking about following a car accident. Looking at this, I have no idea. I’m assuming that’s what it is. There’s no reason that I’m going to enter my information.

First of all, I’m probably not going to end up even clicking on this page. But then if I do, it needs to be so enticing that I’m going to give you my email address and commit to getting whatever is here. That’s why this works so well because on this page right here, I’ve captured their attention. I’ve captured their interest because we’re talking about here is the old way of doing something, here is the new way of doing something. Download this guide for the new way of doing something.

When they get there, three secrets to getting more law clients from social media, that’s what they want. They want more law clients, and they want to do it through social media. And then they get here, three secrets to getting more law clients on social media. That’s exactly what they want. They know what they’re going to get. They’re going to get some sort of guide that’s going to teach them how to get more law clients on social media.

This right here, I’m not sure what I’m going to get, and I’m not sure what the point of it is. To come through here, even more, they don’t know exactly what it is. It’s got to be more descriptive. That’s just my whole thing. If you change this from “Learn the seven secrets the insurance companies don’t want you to know” you can even change this to “seven secrets car insurance companies don’t want drivers to know following an accident,” or something similar. Just remember you can’t say “no” or “you.”

As for the video, I would probably figure out a way to do a different video.  If you go to my YouTube channel, there’s a video called, the Eight essential elements of a law firm Facebook ad. This breaks down every piece of the ad that I showed you that I created.

I highly recommend you go through and watch that video and then film another video. Doing that, you’ll realize that there’s a lot of elements. Everything in here, including every word, serves a purpose. I want you to understand you’ll have a lot more luck.