In August 1981, the first music video ever broadcast on the MTV network was a song titled “Video Killed the Radio Star.” Thirty-four years later, video is still perhaps the most powerful communications tool available to us. The short videos favored by internet users are easy to consume, engaging, and don’t require a lot of reading to get the message across. Of course, you can’t just start making videos without a marketing strategy, and that’s where an internet marketing company can help. Here are four tips for a successful video marketing strategy:

Create a video “series”: You can’t tell your visitors everything you want them to know in one long video. Short videos are a good fit with today’s fast-paced lifestyle, and a “series” of good videos will create a loyal following.

Tell stories: Viewers respond to narratives, not lectures. Use real-life examples and stories about real people. Try to avoid specification sheets, bullet lists, and similar “hard” data.

Keep it short: The average length of the top ten most shared video ads in the world is 4 minutes, 11 seconds. There’s no perfect length, and length to a great extent is dictated by content. You don’t need to repeat anything twice – viewers can watch as often as they like.

Teach viewers something: Whether it’s how to build a backyard fire pit or how to have a criminal conviction expunged, viewers want to feel they’ve learned something useful from a video. Always offer something of practical value.

Setting your business or professional practice apart by marketing with video can be a genuine advantage in a world of text-dominated marketing. Setting up your video campaign properly could be the key to bringing new clients and customers to your door. Let a professional internet marketing company explain your video options in detail and help you get started. Your competitors may already be using video, so don’t wait to make the call.