Starting a Facebook Group is tough. At first, there’s no one in there to interact with. Learn how to attract new members to your Facebook group.

How I Grew My Facebook Group

When we first started, it was me, my business partner, and my mom in the group. That was pretty much it. AND I was putting up content.

To grow the group, I went on the principle that people are silently begging to be lead. What that means is that you have to tell people what to do.

What I started doing is I created a cheat sheet that a lot of people in here have probably downloaded. It’s called “Three Secrets to Getting More Law Firm Clients.”

Then, I ran ads to the cheat sheet. I didn’t run ads for myself, I didn’t run ads for the group, I ran ads for the cheat sheet. The ad said, “I created this free cheat sheet to show you three secrets to getting to law clients using social media.”

What happens is when they click it, they enter their email address, and that gets added to my email list. On the landing page, it says, “The cheat sheet’s been emailed to you. Now, your next step is to join the Official Lawyer Marketing Facebook Group.” There’s a button right there that they click and it takes them right to the join button.

I grew my group for a long time just using that cheat sheet with the sign-up button. About 50-75% of people that downloaded my cheat sheet joined the Facebook group.

I simply told them to join the Facebook group. That’s how you do it. It’s not that hard.

What Happens When You Get Engagement In Your Group

Once you start getting engagement, then Facebook will start showing your group to some more people. That’s one of the reasons that I do these live Q&A’s because we get a lot of engagement. A lot of people watch and a lot of people comment.

What happens is that Facebook will now look at the people that are in the group and then it’ll say “Okay, here are all these people. What do they all have in common? They’re lawyers. Here’s a whole other group of lawyers that had the same thing in common.”

Facebook’s algorithm is smart enough to figure out if you have something in common with the people that are in the group, then it’s going to show them to more lawyers, and now I’m getting free people in the group.

More Advantages Of My “Cheat Sheet” Method

If you don’t have people in the group, it’s hard to get started. I did it with paid ads. I didn’t just do paid ads to grow the group, I did pay ads to get people my cheat sheet, which gets them on my email list, and then it also gets them into the group.

In my email list, I’m also pushing them to YouTube, LinkedIn, and Instagram, and everywhere else. That’s how you do it.

Although you don’t have to do it that way. Obviously, most Facebook groups started with just one person, and they just grow organically.

There are other ways to do it as well. I cover a lot of these things in my course. If you want to do it quickly, that’s exactly how I did it.