“I never read. I just look at pictures.” – Andy Warhol

No one likes the look of a solid block of text – it looks too much like work. Your text might be humorous, informative, or even passionately inspirational, but if no one reads it, it won’t matter. Something that’s worth more than a word – it’s worth a thousand of them if the old adage is right – is a picture. Break up blocks of text on your blog posts and your website with graphics that reflect the ideas or information in your text. The right images actually draw a reader to the text because we assume the text will explain or expand on the image. Let a professional internet marketing company design or help you find the graphics you need.

Images may only be used legally. Wikimedia Commons provides free pictures and graphics that are in the public domain, but they’re generic. Don’t copy anything from Google Image Search; almost every graphic there is copyrighted. An internet marketing company can create the unique designs or shoot the precise photographs you need. Most graphics and photos will have to be tweaked – cropped, enlarged or reduced, and aligned to look good on the page.

Dozens of graphics programs are on the market, but unless photography or graphic design is your passion, all you really need for most purposes comes with Windows 8 – Microsoft Office Picture Manager and Microsoft Paint. If photography and graphics are not your passion, relax. If you lack the time – or the confidence – to handle graphics and the other aspects of internet marketing on your own, don’t hesitate to hire an internet marketing company to help with any or all aspects of your online marketing – including the graphics. Let a good internet marketing company provide the graphics and the other content you need for successful online marketing. Someone could be looking for you on the internet right now, so don’t hesitate to make the call and talk with some internet marketing professionals promptly.