A recent survey in the UK found the British trust only family and friends more than the bloggers they follow, according to Affilinet, a British internet research agency. When asked, “Whose opinion do you trust the most?” British respondents to the survey ranked groups in this order:

1. family
2. friends
3. bloggers
4. social media contacts
5. colleagues
7.religious leaders
8. celebrities
10. politicians

Even mainstream journalists are not trusted as much as bloggers. Bloggers are perceived as independent and honest, while British consumers now think journalists are agenda-driven “mouthpieces” for various interests. The question for bloggers now is how to build on this trust and how to convert the readers who trust you into clients and customers. The survey speaks loudly to anyone doing business online: start blogging. Reach out. Don’t blog with a sales agenda. Simply tell the truth. Be independent and interesting. Let your blog reflect your integrity. Trust is developed over time, so don’t expect immediate results. When asked what are the most important factors in developing trust, 55 percent said they trust bloggers they perceive as “balanced and fair,” and 53 percent also said they were looking for “authenticity.” The survey also asked what kind of content consumers are looking for when they arrive at a blogger’s site; 52 percent said they look primarily for tips, hints, and how-to guides.

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