The Question:

I want to run Facebook ads for an ebook for a child custody law firm to get emails.

My Answer:

Is there any targeting I can do aside from age, location? Okay, so correct me if I’m wrong but I think you’re trying to run Facebook ads to promote an ebook for child custody. And you’re just trying to gather email addresses and you want to know what the targeting is.

The Title of The Book

The title of the ebook has to be some really juicy topic, almost clickbait. I hate saying clickbait but it is what it is. You’re trying to get somebody to click on your stuff, so what you need to do is either write on a really good topic and your ad needs to be really good.

How to Target Your Audience

And then you need to figure out what to target. Obviously, you can target age, location, and gender. The other thing you can target on Facebook is whether they have kids. I think you can actually break it down. Do they have a newborn, do they have toddlers and do they have elementary school-age, middle school-age, high school-age, or adult children.

So you can use all those different things. But one of the things that I really like doing is creating a really, really juicy topic that will naturally attract people that are in my demographic. Then I create a custom audience, so what I’ll do is to make sure to use a Facebook pixel.

I’ll use a really good ad, a really good topic to get them on the page, and then the pixel is going to basically start building this custom audience of everyone that went to that page. And then you’ll have this custom audience that basically consists of the people that you want to attract, and then you build a look-alike audience off of that.

What I Would Do

That’s probably how I would do it. It’s always a little difficult to start, just because of the fact that you can’t select child custody issues. There was one thing that we did for a personal injury attorney that was really interesting though.

I didn’t think it was going work, but we tried it and it worked. We just used the interest ‘personal injury attorneys,’ so I wonder if Facebook is always changing. I haven’t looked for a while; I don’t know if they have any interest for divorce or family law attorneys or anything like that, but you might want to check different interests like that.

That’s probably the best way to do it. Have a really, really good blog topic that’s going to attract them and then create a Facebook custom audience with those people and then do a lookalike audience.