It is tough to create or target an audience for DUI. You cannot actually check for all DUI arrests made in a certain demographic. So, I do it in a couple of different ways. I will walk you through the steps.

Create A Cheat Sheet Or “Free Bait”

I begin by creating a free download titled, “Three things you must do if you go through a DUI checkpoint in, “your area.” This gives you a starting point so you can run your ads on Facebook and open the demographic a bit. This is a wide area but you are trying to find a wide range of clients. DUI can happen to anyone and anywhere. It can happen to the guy who downs a few beers at his favorite pub down the street and to the family man who simply had wine with dinner.  This is different than a DUI stop. In a traffic stop, the cop stopped you because your driving caught his eye and he suspected you may have had a drink too many. A DUI stop is a planned stop. It could be on a busy road near several bars where DUI activity has been climbing. It could be anywhere.

The results of your bait ad help you get a broad look at who you were able to snare in your area. This is great information as it will lead you to your next cheat sheet advertising. You can look at the results of your first ad and begin to customize your next. Did you find a lot more business people than you expected? This is a population that we as lawyers often overlook. Long hours, late dinners with clients, a few cocktails, and while this business person looks fine, his blood-alcohol level is a bit high and he gets pinched in a DUI.

As you send out your bait ads, and people answer them, you soon have a number of people that you can use as your custom audience. This is priceless. Now, you build your campaign to target that target audience. You want to find people who answered your ad for your free download who loosely fit into your demographic. You could target men, ages 21 to 35 who like beer and go clubbing on the weekends. It really doesn’t matter. As I said, a DUI can happen to anyone. So, you are drawing a wide circle.

Narrowing It Down – Free Gift And Facebook

Now you can start narrowing it down. You take your customized list and you begin to offer a free DUI checkpoint list to them. You determine who has an interest in this. Some people will have no interest. If there are no drinkers in the family, or if a non-drinker always drives, there is no interest in a DUI checkpoint. But others will show interest. They will want to know what to do and what to expect.

Now you have a good-quality list and you are beginning to get some clients from your Facebook ads. But, you are not finished yet.

Now that you have your list narrowed down, you are ready to go to Facebook. You give them your list of 200 or whatever names and information you have. Facebook looks at your data and determines what these people have in common. Then they go to work and find more people in the correct area, in the same age group, with the same likes, dislikes, and other things that made them the same. Soon you have a good size data list who you have contacted and given your free gift too, and your Facebook, look-alike list, which should be a hot-list to focus on.

Drop A Pin On Jail

So, you are still in need of leads, and you are going for DUI. The next step is to drop a pin on Google Maps on the jails in your area. Going back a couple of weeks or even a month, begin eliminating arrests for people who were arrested for anything other than DUI. Some people will be arrested for a variety of crimes. It is up to you how clean you want their charge to be. Now, you can list them on social media. You can mention that If you have a DUI, you only have 7 days to request a DMV hearing or your license is revoked for 1-year, with no exceptions. When they answer, tell them that you need a good phone number so you can text the free guide to them. Once you get the number, you have your foot in the door.

Record Three, 5-Minute Videos

Here is a bit of a different approach that happens really well. Your first video will be casting a wide net. This is to get your qualifying list started. This is your very basic video, just like your very basic free guide. You are going to select 25% of the people who watched that video. Next, show video two, The only people who watch video two are the 25% that watched video one. The 25% that watched video three are the same who watched video two. Now you have some nice, warm leads.

By now your information, videos, cheatsheets, and free guides are very specific. Your work is obviously for the DUI driver. If he has been arrested, he is really interested in you. If the person has ever been arrested or someone in their family has fought that battle, they are turning to you to join you in the battle. They want to know all you know about DUI. So this is how I would start and maintain my work list for using Facebook to beef up my DUI client list.