It’s quick and easy to improve the Google ranking for your web pages with this method! Anyone can do it.

We’ll show you how!

How to Rank on Google With Relevant Content

Google loves relevant content.

The relevancy of a website to the search term or keywords is a key element for Google search rank.

The more that your web page is relevant, the higher up it will show in the rankings when someone searches for your keyword.

One simple way to make your web page more relevant is with supporting pages.

Whether you create supporting pages specifically for this purpose or if you use previously published pages, you can use supporting pages to make your web page rank higher.

What Are Supporting Pages?

Web pages with content that supports your keyword are called supporting pages.

Let’s say that your law firm provides family law services and you want to rank higher for child custody.

Examples of supporting pages for child custody on your website might be something like, “Tampa fathers’ rights” or “Child custody questions.”

How to Use Supporting Pages to Improve Your Google Ranking

Now that you know what supporting pages are we’ll show you how to use them to boost your search ranking.

If you don’t have supporting pages already then make them. We do this for our clients all the time.

Pick five topics that support your chosen page and publish web pages for them. Include links to the web page that you are wanting to rank.

If you already have multiple web pages on your website, then you might have existing pages that you can use.

There is a quick way to see which already published pages you can turn into supporting pages.

The best part is it’s free and doesn’t require any complicated research tools.

Go to Google and do a site search.

To do a site search, copy the url for your website and paste it in Google’s search bar like this “site:”.

This will show everything that Google has indexed for your website.

Most attorney sites we see don’t have a lot of content. Often, they have between 17 and 250 indexed pages.

To see which of these pages Google ranks for a specific keyword you will add the keyword to your site search.

If “child support” is your keyword, then you would run the search like this “site: child support”.

Write down the urls of the following five pages not including the web page that you are trying to rank higher.

These are the top five pages on your site that Google has decided are the most relevant to the keyword.

These will be your supporting pages.

Take these pages and include backlinks to the practice area page.

Show Up Higher in Google Today!

Just take the simple steps above and apply them to your practice pages.

It’s an easy way to increase the relevance of your website on Google and show up higher in the search rankings!