The way you will use ClickFunnels in your marketing programs really depends on what type of law you practice and what kind of clients you are trying to attract. But this will give you a pretty good overview. You can adapt it to work in your area of law.

The easiest way to use a ClickFunnel is to do a simple squeeze page. That is where you create a page that offers some type of free digital download. It may be a free cheat sheet or a free or eBook or white pages.

They click on the download and it takes them to the page where it asks them to enter their email address to receive their item. The next page of the ClickFunnel is the thank you page, which can direct them to book a consultation. Of course, you can have whatever you want on the page. It can ask them to join your Facebook group or anything else you have in mind.

The most important info you can get and 3 types of traffic

Using the Click Funnel and the squeeze page allows you to get the single most important piece of information you can get for your law firm and that is their email address. You will gather this quickly and this allows you to immediately build your traffic.

There are three types of traffic. They are:

  • The traffic you control (but you do not own)
    • Pay per click ads
    • Facebook ads
    • You can turn it on and off
  • The traffic you don’t control
    • Search engine optimization traffic
      • While you have some power with how it is used, like how you can build your site, but you have no control over how your site ranks in Google
    • The traffic you own
      • You have their email address or phone number or their mailing address. You can reach out to them over and over again without having to pay anything
      • The most important information you can get is their email address so that you can actually convert that traffic that you control and that traffic that you don’t control into traffic that you own. This gives you the power, so that’s the most important thing.

A Free Click Funnel

The squeeze funnel, the typical squeeze funnel is going to be the easiest way to accomplish. If you want to get a free Click Funnels (squeeze funnel) go to We actually have a free one there. It’s the same one that I use for all of my stuff. It works really well. That simple format is responsible for millions of dollars in revenues so that is my gift to you.

As for the other forms of marketing, I would urge you to look at them individually. USB drives, screen printing, shipping, and a lot of other details. You can combine click funnel with free downloads, and if your client gets far enough in, offer something else. Just be sure you keep a close eye on the expense.