Can taking a selfie actually improve your law firm’s ranking in Google Maps? Well, the answer is yes. In this video, I’m going to tell you exactly how to do it. By the way, if you want more tips about how to get more clients for your law firm, then be sure to subscribe and be sure to click the bell so that you’re updated every time I create a new video.

Hey, everybody. Andy Stickel here, author of “How to Get More Law Firm Clients Without Losing Time and Money or Getting Screwed By a Marketing Company” and founder of Social Firestarter. In today’s video, we are going to talk about how to use selfies to get into Google Maps, to get your law firm ranked in Google Maps and the Google 3-Pack. What’s really important about this is that people use Google 3-Pack like it’s the yellow pages. It’s really important that you rank there. I want to show you what typically happens.

Typical Ranking

Now, when you have a Google Maps ranking, you’re typically going to rank within a geographical location of a specific city. Let’s say your office is in Miami. Let’s say that this is the city limits of Miami and your office is located right there. What ends up happening is that you get some pretty decent rankings. You’re probably in the top three. Right there, if this is the city. As you go around, you start getting maybe fourth, fifth, sixth in that area of Google Maps. But, then what ends up happening is that in this area of the city, you end up getting no rankings whatsoever.

You Can Change This

So the goal is: how do we take this blue circle right here and expand it so that, when someone actually does a search, you rank in the entire area, not just really well in this really close area and then okay in this area and then non-existent? Here’s how you actually do it.

What you need to do is you need to take selfies around the entire city. But, there’s a very specific way to do it. You have to use an iPhone with the location services turned on. And the best way to do this is to have different members of your team do this. You can use an iPhone. You can use an Android. You just have to make sure that the location services are turned on. Now, let me show you again. Let’s say we’re using the same scenario and your law firm is located right here. What you’re going to want to do is pull up the map of your area and you’re going to want to take selfies at all these different locations. You could take them like this. (It’s helpful if you can actually find landmarks that are at those locations.) What happens is when you take the selfies at all these different locations around the entire area, around the entire city, then, when you’re using your phone, it’s actually storing the latitude and the longitude data of where each of those pictures was taken. These photos are gold! What you do next is you take those photos and you upload them to the team’s section, in the photos of your “Google My Business” photos. What ends up happening is now you’re relevant for all these areas because you’ve got these latitudes and longitudes on your Google Maps. What ends up happening is this. (We’ve seen this many times.) That’s what ends up happening. You end up becoming more relevant for the entire area.

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