Recently a criminal attorney reached out with a question that was interesting. He is in the process of narrowing down his niches, but he has a lot of revenue coming in for various sources. He doesn’t want to lose that income. Why should he?

Have you heard me say, “If you’re speaking to everybody, you’re speaking to nobody.” Not in this case.

You set-up your business concentrating on what type of work you want to do. In my business, I concentrate on lawyers. Most of my clients are in that field. I have clients that are not in the legal field. But, when I am preparing my marketing material, my marketing strategy is aimed toward attorney. Potential clients will contact me from various venues. I will not reject them because they are not in my current market focus.

In my case, I sometimes reach a point where I cannot take on any more clients due to the number of attorneys I service. You may reach that point as well. You may market yourself as the DUI guy in your area, or the criminal defense guy, you will be all set. Create the niches you want, and how many you want. Life will be much easier for you when you do. Don’t say goodbye to the other sources of revenue. As you go along, you may even change niches. Maybe you find that you are making good money or experiencing more attention in one of the other sources of income. That’s fine, create a niche for that. Pour some of your marketing dollars into that niche for a while and see how that plays out for you. It is up to you how you develop your business.

That’s the beauty of marketing. You direct the focus of your marketing to the area of your company that you want to build. As long as you are in control of your clients and goals, you can make your niches work for you.