How much should your program SEO cost? This is a question we are always asked. With companies like GoDaddy charging $9.00 per month and some companies charging as much as $10,000 per month for SEO, people are right to be skeptical.

There are some things in life that you just would not pay too little for. If I came to you with a brand new Lamborghini and offered it to you for $5,000. You would first ask me what’s wrong with it? You might ask me if it is stolen. But whatever you ask, you would know that you did not want a Lamborghini for $5,000. You would know, something is wrong with that offer. The same is true with SEO.

What’s the offer?

If an SEO company comes to you and claims he can get you ranked in a competitive market for personal injury or DUI or criminal defense, family law, or estate planning or any other slightly competitive market and they are going to do it for $500.00 per month, that is not going to happen. There’s a certain amount that you are going to have to pay if they are going to do it right.


We have a lot of clients and for most of our clients we spend at least $1,000 or maybe $1,500 per month and up for clients on their behalf doing their SEO. To do SEO you have to have good content. You’ve got to build backlinks. You have to get in directories. You have to do all this stuff and it actually costs money. Nothing is free.

What happens is people will come to you with third-rate companies like De Knows, Yodel and other companies are going to do SEO for you for cheap. You will notice, it is never the owner of the company. It is a salesman. The salesperson is going to get 50% of what you pay upfront. So if you pay them $500 to begin, the salesman gets $250.00.

The company is going to get their profit, and they are not settling for $25.00. So the company takes another $200.00 of the down payment. That leaves $50.00 to actually do the work on your SEO. That’s not going to happen.

The Truth

A good SEO company will not sell you short. If you came to me with a budget of $1000 per month and needed SEO, I would have to tell you the truth. You don’t have the funds that I would need to get your SEO going. It is like anything else. It takes money to make money.

Look at the difference in legal services. Compare a highly skilled lawyer that works on a $3000 to $5000 retainer to those $99 paralegals that will do your divorce or bankruptcy. It is the same thing. You get what you pay for. You know they are going to do a poor job and they are going to mess it up. It is like hiring Legal Zoom to do your search engine optimization. It is just not a good idea.

What’s it going to cost?

A good company that knows their stuff and does a good job is going to cost you. We charge most of the time $3000.00 per month to handle your SEO. If someone is offering you less, they are not doing what they should be. We often use things we have in-house to reduce the price. Most companies don’t do that. Our SEO team is one of the best in the world. It’s crazy. Our SEO guys, they’re actually reading the Google patents and all that stuff that bores me to tears. They love it. Because we have all that in-house and we have so much stuff like that we’re able to keep our prices lower. Most of our clients pay around $2,500 a month but they get results. That’s what counts. I’d rather pay more and get results than save a few bucks and get no results. So, when it comes to SEO, you need quality work, and you get what you pay for.