How Often Should You Post in Your Law Firm’s Google My Business Profile

The question:

How often should I post to my Google My Business page? Is there a minimum amount I should shoot for or is quality better than quantity?

My answer:

If we’re talking about Google posts, we post pretty frequently. But I’ll be honest with you. I don’t know the answer to exactly how frequently we post. This is actually one that kind of stumps me a little bit.

Different types of posts

With Google My Business there are several different types of posts. We look at the expiration dates because there are some posts that will stay up for a couple days and then they come down. Then there are other posts that will stay up for a couple months before they come down.

I don’t remember off the top of my head what types of posts do what, but we basically have a posting schedule. For example, I believe posts about coupons or deals will actually stay up for several months, or maybe even for a year. We’ll do those posts and leave them up for the long haul. And then we’ll post for the maximum length of time for the other types of posts.

What we do for our clients

For our clients we post pretty frequently, but I can’t remember the exact frequency. Our Google My Business team handles all that. Whatever it is, they basically post them for the maximum number of days apart before the posts come down. That’s how we do it. It’s really good for engagement and we’ve seen a lot of benefits from it.