The Question

Does SEO need to be updated monthly? I can’t justify paying a monthly fee for this but there might be still a benefit to hiring somebody on a one-time basis. Also, do you do this or could you refer someone to me?

My Answer

SEO is like a muscle. If you stop working out, then you’re going to lose it. So it’s very important that you have somebody that’s doing ongoing SEO. 

What A Good SEO Person Does

Now, the challenge is that with a lot of SEO “experts” and a lot of SEO professionals, it’s not always clear what they’re doing on a month-to-month basis. A good SEO person is always doing stuff. Whether it’s back-linking or optimizing or writing content or optimizing your Google My Business profile or doing outreach for you. 

There’s always stuff. For our clients, we’ve got a list of hundreds of things that we do. And Google is always changing as well. Google makes like 500 algorithm updates per year. So, somebody that’s good at SEO and really is staying on top of it is responding to these updates. 

I mean, we don’t respond to all 500 updates, because that’s just not possible. But there are updates that have a bigger impact. Some updates have a bigger impact than others. 

So it’s definitely something that you want. You want somebody on your side because if you don’t work out that muscle, you’ll lose it. It won’t stick. 

What Bad Seo Companies Do

Now the problem is that there are so many bad SEO companies out there that will do SEO for you one time and then they never visit your website ever again. And yet you’re paying them month after month, and that is definitely a situation that you want to avoid. 

My Guide On How To Hire An Internet Marketing Company

I have a guide that I put out. It’s “How to hire an internet marketing company and hold them accountable.” It teaches you basically all the steps to hiring an internet marketing company, what questions to ask, and what questions to avoid. 

It’s a really good guide that will make sure that you have an internet marketing company that will actually do a good job for you. Because there are good companies out there. 

I know I talk crap about SEO companies all the time. It’s not that every SEO company is bad, but there are a lot of bad ones out there. It’s kind of a minefield and you don’t know which ones are good and which ones are bad. 

And you have to make sure that the ones that are actually good are going to do a good job for you. So, I teach you how to do that in that guide. 

Want To Check Out My Company?

Want to find out about how my company does this? We have started taking clients on a very limited basis for search engine optimization. If you want to check us out, just go to and near the top of the page it gives you an option to hire us. It says “Apply Now.” 

We kind of throttle how many clients we bring on because we don’t want to grow too fast and we don’t want to bring on too many clients so that we can’t do a good job. 

That’s the problem with FindLaw and all these companies. They’ve got so many clients that it’s literally impossible for them to keep up with all the updates. With Google making all these algorithm updates, it’s impossible for them to keep up. 

How To Get Started

So we’re intentionally very slow about our growth. We bring on clients, but everything’s through application only. So if you’re interested in possibly working with us, go to, fill out the application, and you can talk to my partner. 

The cool part is that the owners of the company are the ones that actually do the work. So, you’ll actually get on the phone with my partner who is part-owner of the company and we can figure out if we’re a good fit, and if we can help you or not. So that’s what I would do.