The Question

I’m a B2B attorney. How can I use social media to attract more clients? My ideal clients are business owners or senior leadership team members of clinics, hospices, home health organizations, nursing homes, standalone ER’s, et cetera, who want to manage their legal risk when taking on new patients.

My Answer

Your ideal clients are basically medical professionals. Not doctors, but basically people that run medical facilities. 

Figure Out Their Biggest Worries

The first thing you need to figure out is what are they concerned about? What keeps them up at night? Because when you figure out what keeps them up at night, you’re going to strike a nerve. 

It might be the same thing for every single one of them, though between a medical clinic, a hospice, a nursing home, or an ER, they may have different issues that they have worries about. 

So you need to figure out the biggest worry that they have. If it’s something that could be tied to a fear of loss, that would be good. Loss of a lot of business, loss of a license — that would be really good. 

Create A Piece Of Bait

Then you create content, a piece of bait. That bait can be video or a cheat sheet. The  cheat sheet is my favorite, and video is my second favorite. 

So you can create a cheat sheet they can download, or you can do a video that talks about “How all nursing homeowners can avoid this one thing.” Or, “Three ways hospice directors can prevent this thing from happening.” 

Whatever they’re worried about, just create that content. The other way you can do it is with a blog post on your website that is pixeled, so you’re creating a list that way. 

Run Targeted Ads

So you create that content and then you advertise the solution to the problem that they have. The way it works is you run ads and you use Facebook targeting and if it’s a hospice, you can target hospices. 

Or there are probably organizations like “National association of hospice” or “National association of hospitals.” Start looking at what the professional associations are. If it’s a very large hospice or a very large hospital like Orlando Health, you might be able to target people that are interested in that, or even have that as their employer. 

But first you need to create some content that is directly solving or directly addressing the issues that keep them up at night, the things that they’re most afraid of. Then you advertise the solutions and put those ads in front of the people.

Aim To Capture Their Email

The reason I like email best is that if you offer a free cheat sheet, the hospice director downloads it and then they get your value. But then, every day, you send them another email, and this all happens automatically. 

This is exactly what I teach all the lawyers in my coaching program how to do: how to basically automate this entire system so that all you do is run a Facebook ad and people get into your world. And then, ten, fifty emails later, they can’t live without you. 

What I Do

It’s literally what I do. Most people in this Facebook group are on my email list and if you’re on my email list, you get an email from me every single day. It all happens automatically. 

I don’t send any of those emails but they’re basically the way that I get people in and my business is business to business as well. My market is attorneys, so I figure out what attorneys want, and what they want to avoid. 

So my cheat sheet that I use for my free bait is, “How to get more law firm clients without losing time and money or getting screwed by a marketing company” because that’s what most attorneys can relate to. 

How It Works

So, they download that, then they get on my email list, and then, somewhere around email 50, 60, 70, they eventually reach out and they say, “Hey, how much does it cost for you to do all my marketing for me?” It works really well. That’s how you do it.

So you just figure out their desires and the things that keep them up at night. Create something that answers that. Don’t advertise yourself. If I would have advertised myself and said, “Hey my name’s Andy, and I can be your search engine optimization,” chances are you probably would not be watching this video right now.

That’s because you would have never clicked on my ad or downloaded my cheat sheet or joined my Facebook group or anything like that. Because you have to remember, nobody’s really interested in hiring a lawyer. They’re interested in the benefit that hiring a lawyer brings. So, that’s the way that I would do it.