The Coronavirus has taken the world to a place we have never been to before. The laws and rules that regulate our system are crumbling and no one knows how to change that. It affects every man, woman, and child on the planet. The changes are sometimes as frightening as the pandemic. Follow along to understand what we mean.

Andy Stickel: There are so many questions about people’s rights. They are coming up every single day right now. You can just have a field day creating content about what’s realistic and what isn’t. It’s funny but serious.

Ideas to write about

I somehow ended up down this wormhole a few days ago online. The subject was about if they can actually cancel the elections and figure out what would happen with that. What I found is that it’s actually really complicated. There is a really interesting story about what happens if, let’s say, they do decide to cancel the elections. By the way, I’m not a conspiracy theorist. But, what I am saying is it was really interesting. Well, if that happens, then it would actually benefit the Democrats for a couple of different ways that I don’t remember specifically. But just stuff like that. I mean, there is so much stuff you can talk about.

Legal restrictions crash

You can talk about what happens if you’re on probation or parole and part of your condition is you’re supposed to maintain employment and you just lost your job. What if you can’t meet with a probation officer? What if you are on house arrest and you have an ankle bracelet on and you have to go to the hospital? What if, if you have an ankle bracelet on, your spouse has to go to the hospital? Do you know what I mean? There are so many things. Literally, just think of every single problem they could potentially have right now and just create content on it and just help people.

Nicholas Werker: The headlines in my head are going crazy right now like, “Myths disappear. Can you do this during quarantine? Can…,” blah, blah, blah. Do you know what I mean? Even if you just help people discover the truth about what’s going on, you’re still providing value and you’re still educating them.

Andy Stickel: Exactly. And just create videos that are designed to share. You can start the video and be like, “Hey, everybody. Everybody knows I’m a criminal defense attorney and I want to just set the record straight on something. So by the way, if you know somebody that needs this help, that needs to hear this, click the share button, and share it because I want to get this message out. So a lot of people don’t know this. But if you’re under quarantine, you actually are allowed to leave your house under certain circumstances. The first circumstance you’re allowed to leave your house is this.” Do you know what I mean? Just create stuff like that and people will share it and your name will get out there and then people will start messaging you. Another thing to pay attention to – and I have not said this yet – is you need to pay attention to your filtered messages. Because if somebody messages you that’s not a friend on Facebook, it’s going to go into your filtered messages. And that’s where messages go to die. So you’ve got to go in there and you’ll find a lot of messages in there that people have sent you where they’re asking questions. So that’s a big thing – filtered messages.