How To Target Better Law Clients With Facebook Ads


The people that are responding to my Facebook Ads and booking appointments aren’t great fits for my service. How do I find better leads?


I think what that means is you’re just targeting the wrong types of people. I don’t know exactly what type of practice area you have. What you have to do is if you’re running ads and people are booking appointments, but they’re not great fits for your services then it means that your message is wrong somewhere. Reverse engineer your ideal client and almost create like an avatar. Think about what are the specific problems that this specific type of person has.

Also kind of look at the clients that you don’t want and see what makes them different from the ideal clients that you want. Then purposefully avoid them in your marketing and your messaging. For example, let’s say and I’m just going to use myself as an example on this one.

If I’m trying to grow my marketing agency then I’m not going to create marketing materials that say here are four free ways to get your website number one on Google. What does that attract? That attracts people that are not looking to spend money. Instead, I would say something like here is the top four paid directory listings that will skyrocket your law firm’s websites to number one on Google. It’s different because now we’re actually attracting people that are responding to something that from the gate, says they’re going to have to spend money. That’s kind of what the thought process is there.

For example, if you’re a divorce attorney and you’re trying to go after high net worth divorce rather than just divorce. What are the problems that people that are going through a high net worth that a regular person doesn’t have in their divorce? It could be maybe like hidden bank accounts or other problems with assets. Whatever those problems are, start creating content that talks about those specific problems and then you’re going to attract the right types of people. It just sounds like your message is wrong. You’re not attracting the right types of people because you’re not putting the right messaging out there.