Here is my favorite way to target clients if you’re an immigration attorney on Facebook. A lot of times, you have to use a little bit of creativity when you’re doing marketing.

When it comes to targeting on Facebook, one of the problems that people typically have is that they don’t have the right targeting. I was actually looking at somebody’s Facebook campaign yesterday and their targeting was all out of whack.

How To Target Potential Immigration Clients

For immigration attorneys, what I typically do is that I look at the target country. Let’s say, for example, that we’re trying to find people from India that we’re trying to secure H1-B visas for.

The easiest way to target those people is to look at which celebrities are famous in their country that only someone from that country would like. Then, we use those as interests to target.

Find Celebrities In The Country Your Potential Clients Are From

That celebrity would probably be like a B-list actor in America or somebody who is a really big actor or musician. It would be someone who is only well known locally in that country. If you target celebrities that are local to that country, you’ll be able to target people that are from that area.

From there, you can narrow it down and get your message out. I would find a celebrity in India, and then I would couple that with some software that a programmer would use that they might be interested in.

That’s the best way to target an immigration client. You just figure out who the celebrities are in the other countries, and then you just target those as the interest. It’s actually pretty easy and it’s really effective.