Here’s the question:

What do you think about posting ads on Instagram? Have you seen success with this?

My answer:

I use Instagram all the time. I run all my image ads on both Facebook and Instagram for my clients. Instagram is getting huge. I mean it’s going to overtake Facebook one day.

How To Use Instagram

There’s a huge platform of people on Instagram, and the nice thing about it is that it’s the same ads manager as Facebook. So when you’re selecting your placements, it’s going to serve your ads to Instagram automatically.

And if you want to just use Instagram feed or Instagram stories or whatever it is, you can go into the placement section of the Facebook Ads manager; and you can select those things. So yes, definitely do Instagram.

A Possible Exception

There’s no reason not to use Instagram unless your audience is an older audience. For example, let’s say you’re in estate planning and you’re targeting senior citizens. If you’re targeting older demographics, they are probably less likely to be on Instagram.

When To Use Instagram

But if you’re not sure; test it out. If you’re targeting people in their 30s, probably people in their 40s, definitely use Instagram. And that includes personal injury, DUI, criminal defense, and things like that. Definitely, use Instagram for those.