Every lawyer wishes it were possible to make contact with potential clients the moment they realize they are in need of legal services.

As it turns out, law firms can use Instagram to identify and reach out to these potential clients.

People share a lot of personal information about their lives on their Instagram profiles.

Therefore, it’s very likely that someone who is going through a divorce, recovering from a motorcycle accident, or being charged with a crime would post about it on this platform.

How To Find Clients Using Hashtags

To find these potential clients, lawyers need to perform a hashtag search within the Instagram app.

Search for hashtags that the clients you are trying to reach would use.

For instance, someone who has been injured in a motorcycle accident might use #motorcycleaccident or #motorcyclecrash.

The results will include anyone and everyone who has ever used this hashtag before.

You will need to search through these results to find people who are located near your law firm.

Start tapping on photos that are under the “Recent Posts” header to look for more information about each user’s location.

Sometimes, the location will be listed above the photo and underneath the username, but you may need to go to the user’s profile if it’s not listed there.

How To Localize Your Search For Clients

Depending on where your law firm is located, it may take a little while to find someone who is in your area.

Be patient when implementing this legal marketing strategy.

Once you find someone, send them a direct message from your business account on Instagram.

Don’t make an obvious sales pitch-offer them a helpful tip instead.

For example, someone who has been involved in a motorcycle accident may need to hear about the sneaky tactics that an insurance adjuster may use.

Then, let the person know that you would be happy to answer any questions he or she may have.

Be sure to review the solicitation laws in your state prior to sending this type of message.

Continue to search for other potential clients after sending the first message.

Everyone won’t respond to your message, so it’s best to send them to everyone you can find in the area.

Be sure to check your Instagram inbox frequently after sending these messages so you can respond to anyone who replies right away.

Marketing law firms using this method may seem time-consuming, but it’s not.

Plus, this approach allows law firms to speak directly to clients who are in need of their legal services without spending a dime on marketing.