Twitter has been called a social network, a social search engine, and a “microblogging” site. Put simply, Twitter is a website where people share whatever they’re thinking about, so Twitter can be advantageous and lucrative for your business. Before you can use Twitter profitably, you’ll have to establish a core of followers. One way to gain Twitter followers is by offering promotions and specials. Give away prizes or give away discounts on your own services or products.

As you gain more experience with Twitter, you’ll find fresh and creative ways to draw attention to your brand using hashtags and catch phrases. Always recognize your winners with a special tweet. When you gain followers on Twitter, your updates are sent to them directly, so as more people follow you, more people see your content.

To “retweet” means to repost a tweet from another user. Twitter is the easiest of the social media platforms for sharing updates and posts from others. All it takes is a simple “retweet” and the post has been shared. “Retweeting” tells the original “tweeter” that you welcome their posts, and it lets you share good content with your followers. Make sure to blend in retweets with plenty of your original tweets. Make them laugh or make them think, but don’t tweet for no reason at all. Have something of value to post.

Another advantage of Twitter is that it gives you the ability to “listen” to what others are saying about your industry and about you. It’s also the perfect spot for people to ask questions and get answers fast. Look for questions where you can provide the definitive answers, and ask questions that make others think about your products, services, and industry. Become the expert that others rely on for answers. As you gain experience on Twitter, you’ll discover and even create new ways and ideas for promoting your business and brand.