Content is the only thing that matters in a digital marketing strategy. You got to have great content. Let’s say your marketing is dialed in and you’re running Facebook ads, or even Google AdWords or a website. But if your content is just talking about you, then you’re not going to have great results.

What Happens If You Create Really Good Content

If you create good content that provides value and helps people, then you will get great results. Content is my strategy. I don’t know that I’m going to market attorneys for the rest of my life.

But for the rest of my marketing career, it’s going to be about creating content and providing value. That’s what it’s going to be, there’s just no other way to do it.

How To Leave The Competition In The Dust

The nice part about it is that if you’re willing to create the content, 99% of the people out there are not willing to create the content or they’re too afraid to.

It’s really easy. Most people will just make excuses, and they won’t do it. While they’re busy making their excuses, if you’re creating content, then you’re getting the clients. That’s all that matters.