One of the most important things for your law firm’s online presence is having positive reviews. Having 5-stars can mean the difference in a potential customer calling you or not.

People often compare businesses based on their online reviews. Two law firms showing up on the first page of Google will generate a different amount of leads based on their reviews.

This recently happened to a client of my law firm marketing company. The client was ranked high on Google for a competitive term – “Chicago bankruptcy attorney.”

Even though the firm showed up on the first page they were barely getting any phone calls. The firm asked for our help to figure out why.

We discovered that their competition had reviews and our client didn’t have any. We set to work changing that and after a week our client had 25 positive reviews. The phone calls immediately starting coming in.

Quality reviews are important. Social proof makes an impact! You can’t afford to ignore reviews if you expect to bring in new leads.

There are a lot of ways that a marketing firm like Social Firestarter can help grow your business. We can increase traffic to your website, film video for content marketing at your office, and design a new website for you with fresh copy.

With everything we can do, we can’t force your clients to leave you good reviews.

Why Do Clients Fail To Leave Reviews When They’re Happy With Your Service?

Lawyers often think that they did something wrong. That must be the reason a client refused to leave a review when they promised they would.

It’s not because clients don’t want to leave you a review. It’s because it’s too difficult. This is why clients break their promises when they say they’ll write you a positive review. It has nothing to do with the quality of your service.

Get Your Clients To Leave You 5-Star Reviews With This Simple Guide

It’s difficult to get clients to leave reviews. But it’s a crucial part of growing your business that often goes overlooked!

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The ebook is called A Guide to Obtaining 5-Star Reviews for Your Law Firm.

Not only does the ebook teach you how to get clients to leave you 5-star reviews, but it also shows you just how to deal with negative ones. The way you handle negative reviews makes a big difference in how the review will affect your firm.

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