“I give away pens and pillboxes with my law firm’s contact info. What is the most useful and effective giveaway for law firms aside from these two items?”

Someone just asked me this:

“I give away pens and pillboxes with my law firm’s contact info. What is the most useful and effective giveaway for law firms aside from these two items?”

If you’re thinking about the most effective law firm giveaways, you have to consider what people will actually hold on to. Because there are all kinds of really cool items that you can give away. But the problem is that people think, “That’s cool!” when they get one of them. And then they just throw it in a drawer and never use it again.

One Of My Favorite Promotional Items

I really don’t know how well pillboxes work. I’ve never tested those out. But here’s something that worked really well for us, specifically for criminal defense attorneys… We got these lighters and I’ve actually filmed a video about this because this was one of my favorite ideas that I’ve ever had.

I used to play in a rock band. Some of you know that. And here’s what we used to do to build our email lists. Yes, this was a long time ago when you were trying to build email lists.

We went out and bought a bunch of lighters and we got our band’s logo on them.  And we’d go to bars where we were playing and we would trade everybody a lighter for their email address.

Cigarette Lighters For DUI Attorneys

So I told a DUI attorney to do the same thing. I told him to go get some promotional lighters made that basically had his name and his contact information printed on them. They said, Bill Smith, DUI attorney, and then his phone number on the back.

It’s not expensive. It’s about 300 bucks for a thousand lighters. And he took them to bars in downtown Denver and just kept giving boxes of them to the bartenders. Because the cool thing is that a lot of people that go to bars will want free lighters. And basically, he’d say, here, these are for you guys.

Just pass them out whenever someone needs a lighter. Just give them to the patrons. So the theory is that it’s impossible to not lose a lighter. So we’re thinking that every lighter would hit one and a half people.

The idea is that it’s something that especially smokers want. And in Denver, recreational marijuana is legal. This means there’s a lot of demand for lighters and especially free lighters. So here you’ve got something that someone has in their pocket and they’re always taking it out and holding it up to their face, and it has your name on it.

And then it’s in their pockets when they get arrested and they’re at a bar, so they’re drinking. So it just worked out really well. It was a really good promotional item. And I know he got cases, out of that. I don’t know how many, but I know he got cases. I’m not sure if he’s still doing it. I don’t know why he wouldn’t be doing it. He probably isn’t, but he should be.

What Will People Find Useful?

So promotional lighters are really good. You just have to think of the things that people are going to find useful. For example, I’ve been telling personal injury attorneys for a year now to start giving out promotional cell phone holders. That’s cell phone holders that go in your car’s air vent.

Cell Phone Holders

Get your name and your phone number screen-printed on the inside behind where the phone goes. You can get them on Ali Express for like two bucks apiece probably. And then what you do is you screen-print your name and your phone number on it. For example, Bill Smith, Car Accident Attorney, and the phone number.

And then, every time somebody gets in their car, they see your name and your phone number over and over again in the exact place where they would get into a car accident.

Credit Card Bottle Openers

So that’s an interesting idea. I’m trying to think about some other ones. It’s really just about what people are going to hold on to. DUI attorneys could use is these credit card bottle openers.

I’ve also seen credit card pocketknives, which is interesting. I don’t know if you want to give that away, but there are all kinds of small little promotional items you can give away.

I have a credit card bottle opener and I use it. It’s a bottle opener the size of a credit card. If you’re a DUI attorney, give those things away. They are around 75 cents apiece. You get your information put on them and people think they’re really cool. So there are all kinds of things that you can give away. Just think about what people find useful and give that away. That’s what I would do.