There’s a false belief out there that people, that’s regular consumers and everyday people, hate advertising, and that’s not true. People actually love advertising.

People Love Good Advertising

What people hate is bad advertising. If you don’t believe me, just think about the Super Bowl and how many people watch, but don’t care at all about the game.

The only thing they care about is the ads, and that’s because good ads either entertain or inform. If you have an ad that entertains or informs, people will pay attention to it.  

Ads Need To Be Entertaining, Informative, Or Both

Now, you have to remember people don’t hate attorney ads — people despise attorney ads. As an attorney, it’s going to be that much more difficult and important for you to create ads that are entertaining or informative, preferably both.

The Attorney Ad That Went Viral

Maybe you’ve seen the video ads that’s going around lately with the two attorneys that are smoking weed and telling you to shut the fuck up. This video is entertaining, and it’s also informative.

It’s also an ad that’s been shared nearly 45,000 times. How many cases do you think that this law firm got based on this viral video alone?  

And at the end, there’s no call to action. It does not say call today if you’ve been arrested or call us for a free consultation. All it does is tell you to shut the f**k up. People liked the message; they shared it, and the video went viral.  

What You Can Do To Make Your Own Ads Effective

Now, you don’t have to be outrageous or use bad language in your ads to make them effective. All you have to do is think about what is the most beneficial information for the person that you’re trying to attract with your ad and put that in there.

Follow that school of thought and provide value in your ads. If you lead with value, then people will not even realize that they’re watching an ad. Just think, you could be watching an ad right now and not even know it.