I have a client who’s a criminal defense attorney and is losing clients to some of these lower priced firms that will do a DUI for $500 and different things like that.  I was explaining to him is that the problem that he’s facing right now is he’s commoditized himself and the way that you get out of that struggle where price is maybe a stopping point for clients is you’ve got to figure out a way to de-commoditize yourself because there is no strategic advantage to being the second lowest price.

You either have to be the absolute cheapest if you’re going to compete on price or you have to be the most expensive. But the reality is that price is not a good thing to compete over. You want to make sure that you’re not a commodity. You want to learn how to make an offer, and you want to learn how to make it so that when someone comes to you, they’re hiring you because you are the authority that offers the best service.

One of the things that lawyers don’t understand, and it’s not taught anywhere in marketing, is how to create a great offer for your law firm. To do this, I want to demonstrate how to create an offer and basically, the difference between an offer and a commodity.

Let me give you an example, there’s a guy named Russell Brunson. He teaches this great strategy where he talks about how he can sell an iPhone for $10,000. In short, it’s a product. Typically, the problem with products is that you can get it anywhere, so if you want to buy an iPhone, you can get it from Verizon, Apple, Sprint, etc. At that point, you’re pretty much just going to go for the cheapest one.

How To Sell An iPhone For $10,000

So, how would you take an iPhone and sell it for $10,000? Here’s how you would do it. You have to create an outstanding offer. For example, if I was going to sell lawyers an iPhone for $10,000, the way that I would do it is I would create an excellent offer. So, here’s my offer. If I’m going to sell you an iPhone, the first thing is you’re getting an iPhone with a retail value of $997.

What else can I offer that would make this awesome? Well, what if I took every training video that I’ve ever created and I pre-loaded it in the video section. You have to remember, I do lots of trainings, courses, etc. If I take every training that I’ve ever created, and I put it on this iPhone, that’s going to be a value of about $20,000. So, let’s pre-load all the training videos on the iPhone.

Now, we’ve got the iPhone with all of the training videos for $20,000. But, what else? What if I could install an app called Voxer? It’s like a walkie-talkie and what the app does is anytime you have any question, all you have to do is you pull out your phone and talk into it like a walkie-talkie, and it connects directly to my iPhone. So, any question that you have on anything to do with your marketing, all you have to do is pull out this app, hit the button, and that connects directly to my iPhone. I can answer any question that you have, and I’ll be able to get back to you right away, any question.

I charge clients for that same thing, so I’m also going to preload Voxer on there, and I’m going to give you unlimited access to me. It’s a direct link to me, and you get to ask me any marketing question you want. Now, I charge clients $30,000 for that.

I’m also going to go into Safari and bookmark the top 25 marketing vendors to get everything done. If you need a graphic designer, a chat box, a web developer, all the research is done for you. That’s a value of about $2,000.

The last thing is, I’m going to open up the calendar app and put 12 appointments that are going to sync to your calendar and mine, and we’re going to have 12 appointments where I’m going to be your chief marketing officer for the entire year. I charge $60,000 a year per client for that, and I walk you and your team through the entire marketing strategy completely custom to your phone or your law firm, and that’s going to be included on there also.

So, what’s that total value? We have a total of $95,000 for all of these services that you’re going to get, and I’m going to sell you this entire package for one payment of $10,000. Now, if this was a real offer, I guarantee you I would get people that would pay for all of this access.

That’s the difference here. What I’ve done is I’ve taken a product like an iPhone, and I’ve created an offer that makes it so that there’s value there. It’s not just an iPhone, you can’t go to AT&T and get all this stuff on an iPhone for any amount of money. The difference is the way that I’ve been able to position myself so that people care about my training videos, they want to talk to me, they’re interested in the services that I provide, and they want to have me as their chief marketing officer.

The reason that I’ve been able to do that is because I’ve used social media effectively and created so much goodwill with a lot of different attorneys out there. I’ve got hundreds of attorneys in my Facebook group and thousands on my email list. This is because I’ve created this goodwill and all of this content, so attorneys trust me.

I’m at the point where I’m able to sell an iPhone for $10,000, where there’s all this value that not only can they not get anywhere else, but no one else can create an offer like this because I’m the authority. A lot of attorneys know if they want to market their law firm, they have to go with a package like this, and they have to go with me.

How Can A Personal Injury Attorney Use This Strategy?

You might be asking yourself, “Okay, but I’m not a marketer, I’m not selling an iPhone, how to apply this to me?” Let’s put this in terms of a personal injury attorney.  Personal injury is going to be the hardest because personal injury is contingency, and I know all law firms are going to be a little different because you’re not going to be giving away access, different products, etc. Also, a lot of what you do is probably similar to what other law firms do, but other law firms don’t present it in a way that I’m going to show you how to present it.

As a personal injury attorney, the only thing you can compete over is experience, because you’re not going to lower your contingency fee. You can’t give coupons, you can’t offer discounts, can’t have anything like that. So, what you can do is you can start taking some of the services that you’re going to provide anyways and start turning them into offers.

Let’s say, “the first thing you’re going to get if you hire me as your personal injury attorney is 100% personal attention from me and my entire staff.” Now again, I’m not going to assign a value, but you could say something like, “On average, I work on personal injury cases for 300 hours, and I charge $250 an hour.”

Now in addition to the entire staff, you’re probably going to have a lot of medical concerns. You need to see doctors and have everything organized. A lot of times, personal injury attorneys will help you find chiropractors, doctors, etc. These are services that a lot of personal injury attorneys provide anyway, so why not give it a name. Why not say, if you hire our firm, we’re going to provide you with a medical concierge. You can even mention that no other firm is going to be saying, “we’re going to give you a medical concierge, put you in touch with all the doctors that we work with, make sure that you have your appointments on time, and make sure that the payment arrangements are taken care of.”

The other thing you can offer is a team of legal experts, which is something that I think a lot of attorneys don’t necessarily use at full advantage. You could say, “look I’ve been a trial lawyer for 25 years now. A big part of these cases should they go to trial is knowing not only which legal experts to use, which experts do great in jury trials, which experts juries love, but which experts to avoid as well. I’ve put together the dream team of legal experts after 25 years of experience, that’s what you’re also going to get from us. You’re also going to get all these resources…” and what you can do is create different resource lists.

It’s effortless to do, all you have to do is go on Google. I have a brain injury client where all I did was google “brain injury resource list,” and we put together this entire pamphlet of all these different resources that can help them with their injury.

You can also say, “we’re also going to give you our complete resource guide that you’re going to get for free.” The other thing you can say that I think will really differentiate you from a lot of attorneys is you can use the Voxer app that I mentioned previously, and say, “Listen, if you hire our firm, we’re also going to put an app on your phone that’s going to link directly to an app on my phone. That way if you have questions, it doesn’t matter if it’s two o’clock in the morning, all you have to do is pull out your phone, press a button, talk on it like it’s a walkie-talkie, and it’s going to show up right on my phone.”

Now don’t worry, you can turn the app off and make it so that you can be selective when you’re listening, but that’s something that can help you stand out. You can say, “listen you’re going get this app called Voxer, and that’s going to give you direct access to my cell phone.” Side note, but this is also a way that you can avoid giving clients your cell phone.

This is just an example that I came up with right before starting this video, but if you are in a consultation with a client, you can say, “when you hire us, you’re going to personal attention from our entire staff, a medical concierge, handling of your medical appointments and bills, our team of experts, an entire list of resources, and 24 hour access to my direct cell line via the Voxer app.”

If it’s a really good case, you could offer rides to and from their medical doctors’ appointments. You can even offer to help them put together a guide to set up a GoFundMe campaign if they need help paying for their bills. You have to be a little bit creative, but this can apply to any practice area.

Again, personal injury is probably the most difficult one to apply this tactic to, but that’s why I always go with personal injury, because if I can make this work with personal injury, then it can apply to all legal practice areas.

Hopefully, this lets you understand the difference between a really solid offer that is put together and how to de-commoditize yourself so that you do not have to compete on price. If you can work it out where you put together an excellent offer, then you’ll have a lot of success, and you’ll differentiate yourself from your competition. This can work even if you’re listing out some of the things that you’re going to do anyway and give it a unique name like medical concierge. You have to look at things a little bit differently.

Establishing Yourself As An Authority On Social Media

One thing that will make this even more useful is if you take the time to establish yourself as an authority on social media. The way to establish yourself on social media as an authority is to create high-value content every single day just like I do.

I create at least one or two videos every single day, and it takes around 5-10 minutes a day. I pull out my phone and talk. If you can create yourself as an authority, then this becomes irresistible, especially the personal attention and Voxer access, which is invaluable and something they cannot get anywhere else.