The Question

I love the lumpy letter direct mail approach. I’m a bankruptcy attorney and I also handle foreclosures. Besides a pen, what can I include to make a letter lumpy?

My Answer

There are so many things you can do. If you’re a bankruptcy attorney or a foreclosure attorney, stress balls are really good because they’re fairly cheap. You can get them custom-made, they come in pretty much any shape and they’re light. Cheap, light, available in any shape, and you can screenprint on them. 

Send Stress Balls

So if you’re a bankruptcy attorney, they’re probably getting a lot of bill collectors calling for bankruptcy and foreclosure. You could send them a stress ball telephone, and you could say, “Time to make the phone stop ringing.” 

They also have like a life preserver, one of those rings that are on the side of the boat. So if somebody falls overboard you cab throw the life preserver in. Get them one of those, and say, “Here’s your lifeline,” “Get your life back,” or “I’m going to save your life.” 

It’s just like playing on words like that. I really like stress balls because they’re cheap and they’re big, so they make the letter extra lumpy. They’re not heavy either. 

What else could you do? If you want to go really cheap, you can also use green army men, those are really, really cheap. But they’re kind of random. Just look for promotional items that aren’t too expensive that you can use for your business.