Facebook has more than one billion users. If your business uses Facebook correctly, it’s well worth your efforts. While there are no definitive rules about how to use Facebook for business, it’s clear that new business not is generated by routine Facebook updates. Here’s some advice for generating new business, dialogue, and involvement through your Facebook business page:

Timing is everything. It’s not that hard to determine the best time of day to post on Facebook for maximum exposure. Post at regular intervals for several days and determine the times of day when you get the most likes or comments in response.

Offer “awesome” content. Your Facebook friends and followers won’t tolerate dull, boring, or excessively promotional posts. Instead, you need to offer awesome content: useful information or humorous images that your audience will like and share. Providing awesome content that your audience uses and shares both extends your network and makes business users more apt to connect with you.

Post pictures. Post significant, appealing pictures with your updates. Newsworthy items are likely to be shared; so are funny pictures with humorous or sarcastic remarks. You should quickly learn what kinds of posts generate the most interest, likes, and shares from your particular Facebook audience.

Post the right cover photo. Every update or comment displays your cover photo, so make it right. Determine precisely what cover photo will make the best impression for your business. Keep it simple. If you’re not that creative, a graphic artist or graphic designer can probably come up with something just right.

Pay attention to feedback. If you are launching new products, product lines, or services, or if you’re making adjustments to existing products or services, solicit feedback from your Facebook audience. If you ask for comments and combine awesome content with great pictures and good timing, you’ll expand your audience and get feedback you’ll use and appreciate.