Just do exactly what I do, which is providing value. That is the absolute most effective way to advertise. You will never see me run an ad saying, “Hey, let me do marketing for your law firm,” yet I get 50 to 75 inquiries every single month of people asking me to do marketing for their law firm. It’s because of all the value I put out there.

How It Works

I was talking to somebody right before this. They’ve been following me for a year. They’ve never spent any money with me, but they now have an opportunity to work with me in a coaching aspect, where I can help them. I’ve created so much goodwill that they already know that if they listen to what I say, and if I really dive in and help them personally, they’re going to get good results.

The Strategy

That can’t be done through just an ad. It’s a long-term strategy, but it’s really not that long term. The scariest part for me was the first three months that it took to get it off the ground. But, it’s just persistence and consistency. That’s all it comes down to.

You Have Two Options

The cool thing about it is that you can pay for marketing in two ways. You can pay with your time, or you can pay with money. Money means you’re just continually paying for Adwords and paying for leads. The problem with that is that the second you turn off the ads, all the leads go away.

Why I Prefer To Invest My Time

I prefer to pay for marketing with my time. What I mean by that is I take 5-30 minutes one day and do a live video. Every single one of these questions that I’m answering here will end up being chopped up and turned into a video. Therefore, I’ll get nine to ten videos out of this.

When you pay with your time, you spend five minutes a day, and you create a new video every single day. Then, you end up with so much content out there that whenever someone’s searching for anything related to your practice area, you get found for it.

You never know which video is going to get you a case. So, do everything like that. That’s what I like. I get people to contact me, and they say, “Hey, I was watching this video, and I saw this, and I had a question about this, and hey, I want to hire you.”

They’ll be talking about videos I don’t even remember creating. I don’t even know how many I have, probably over 200. When you look at this plus all my coaching stuff, I’ve got probably well over 500 videos that I’ve created.

I Built What I Have Over Time

I didn’t do it in one day, I’ve collected it. I, I’ve been working on it for the last year. I look back and think, oh my God, I can’t believe I created that many videos. I don’t feel like I created that many videos because I don’t spend that much time doing it. I’m just consistent, and I do it every day.

Every single piece of content that I put out there, every single piece of value, every single piece of goodwill, is like I’m fishing, and I’ve got another line in the water. Now I’m going to catch somebody.

The cool part about it is that those videos will always be there. If I recorded a video and ran it as an ad, and then I turned it off, or if I did run an ad and then I turned it off nine months ago, that ad would be long gone. Nobody’s ever going to contact me from that again.

But, I created a video nine months ago, and I can get clients from it a year from today. I can even get clients from it in five years. That’s one single video that I invested five minutes in. That’s why I like creating value.

I think Tony Robbins said that you get everything you want in life if you help other people get everything they want in life. It’s extremely cheesy, but I’ve found it to be very true that the more value you provide, the more you help people achieve their goals, the more your own goals will become achieved.