The following insert is from a question and answer segment of a professional legal marketing video session:

Chase Musser: So we have a question about the Team Selfie Hack. “Is there a real need for it to be a selfie? Can we just take a photo of the location/landmark? Or is there something important about a person being in it?”

Andy Stickel: Yes. It’s actually very important because you’re going to upload them to the team section of your Google My Business profile. And that, basically, it gives you a reason why you have all these random pictures of these people. So if you just had a random picture of the Lincoln Memorial, for example, ( I don’t know why I’m thinking about Washington, D.C), that doesn’t make any sense. But if you have your administrative assistant standing in front of the Lincoln Memorial, that, now, makes sense why it’s on your profile and it makes it compliant. Otherwise, Google could flag you for spam.


Google is always verifying and making sure that the information being passed on through their search engine is true and accurate. They spend a great deal of time and money to ensure people continue to use the term “Google it.” Do your part to validate the information you post and you will do much better with Google. It is much easier to stay on Google than to get back on Google after you have been penalized.